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Its portfolio comprises of several brands being [email protected] Ramee Play, Din ATA Fun,Food Republic, The Icing Room, Toast Box and Carol’s Jar in China (Breadbasket, 2014). Bakery from Breadbasket contributed 52. 2% to the total Breadbasket Group revenue, recorded sales of $158. 1 million which also included franchise income of $21. 1 million, an increase of 22. 1% from 2009 onwards (Breadbasket, 2014). This was mostly contributed by expansion of outlets and partly driven by higher same store sales in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Growth in franchise revenue was mainly attributed to increasing growth in royalty fees income in addition with expanding franchise brands on broader consumer based. The objective this report is to discuss and analyze Breadbasket current situation, its current strategies and to conclude on Breadbasket human resource strategy whether if it is affective. Breadbasket Group Limited competitive strategy is mainly focus on differentiation strategy.

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Breakfast has a manage to create a strong branding with differentiation with over 7 different brands to cater to a large number of food and beverage consumers . Breadbasket also has very creative product innovations led by a team of skilled culinary chefs to run the research and placement department , which is a team comprised of chefs from Japan , Spain , Germany and France that has produce numerous recipes which has made some of Breadbasket most popular dishes and products example the famous pork floss bread which risen Breadbasket to fame.

Besides being run by a team of experience managers with a diversified background of experience ranging from Finance to Food and Beverage led by the founder Dry. George Queue himself , Breadbasket group also has a strong partnership in Asia to penetrate and build its reputation in the Asian market which manages to entreat the Asia market with ease from Asia to the Middle East How does providing training and development skills to employees actually benefit an organization ?

Training can improve and greatly increases an employees knowledge and understanding of foreign cultures and competitors which could benefit as they can work even closer with their foreign peers and understand different foreign cultures to produce goods which will cater to the business foreign consumers . Trainings could also ensure that employees have the necessary skills to work with the latest technology which could eventually speed up the productivity rate of the business as employees are well equipped with the knowledge in handling equipments .

Trainings not only imparts knowledge to the employees as an individual but also as a team as well to improve employees working as a team closely to ensure effective teamwork producing good quality product and excellent service standard . Another benefit is how training can ensure a better understanding for employees towards the company’s culture example , in the case of Breadbasket the company culture focuses on product innovation and creativity to differentiate its brands.

Breadbasket,2014) An effective training can only be planned effort by an organization to accommodate the learning of employees which is a high leverage training that is linked to strategic business objectives that is supported by top management , relies on instructional designs model and set to the same level as to programs of other organization to ensure that the organization is keeping up with its competitor in terms of knowledge and skills.

One of the trainings that Breadbasket did was for Din ATA Fungus employees where Breadbasket shifted the centralized kitchen and training facilities all in one to accommodate to trainings for new employees to shorten the time from eight months to four months effectively a 50% decrease in training time savings substantial cost for the organization and better used of time for productivity .

Also Din It Fungus staff have better career prospect due to more skills training example better used of equipments and hiring master chefs from china to teach the new or existing junior chefs the art of making a traditional , Din ATA Fungus most famous dish Ixia Long ABA which takes years to harness the skill can actually be imparted in a training in months, as they are well equipped tit numerous skills that can improve productivity and increase retention rates by over 20% as the employees of Din ATA Fun are trained to better understand the strong emphasis on career progression and oriented cultures . Spring Singapore,2013)With trainings skills which clearly differentiates Breadbasket from other competitors especially Din ATA Fungus chefs which are equipped with skills taught by a master culinary chef the organization , Breadbasket is able to produce the renowned Ixia Long ABA which has been on the media which drove many consumers wanting for more even thought Ixia Long ABA is a dish provided in many oriental restaurants , Breadbasket manages to create the most famous among its competitors .

Performance management is a process where by the managers ensure that employees task and production are consistent with the organization goals it is basically creating a conducive work environment where individuals are able to perform at their best of their abilities (Hatfield,No date). When a company takes time to analyze the performance of its employees productivity rate and social factors to increase retention rate will improve significantly as employees see it as the organization caring about the needs of the employees .

The information is usually gather in the feedbacks . To develop an effective performance management system a company should set clear expectations for employees in conjunction with providing managers performance management training , senior management support , focusing on the right performance measures and to differentiate performance fairly and effectively .

In the case of Breadbasket the company has manage to implement policies to reduce working hours for a regular full time staff from the regular time of 1 1 ours and opt for a shorter working hour of 6. 5 hours ,which cater towards the service position which is deem long hours and unrewarding . Due to labor constraints, Din ATA Fun has also increase part-time employees by 50% to increase productivity under the supervision of full-timers . (Spring Singapore. 01 3) Performance appraisal and performance feedbacks are part and parcel of performance management to align the organizations goals to the employees passed down by top management and to provide employees in regards to their individuals effectiveness to increase productivity(HARM Guide,2013) A reference appraisal can improve productivity for an individual within an organization as they understand whether their performance is what the organization is asking for, example an employee from reiterated who has been on a constant low productivity rate might think he is doing his work right , however with performance appraisal conducted by his supervisor or managers the manager could use these information provided through the 5 performance information source of Managers,Peers,Subordinates,Self and Customers , the manager could then provide a performance feedback to the employee so that he understands his faults which will increase his productivity rate . 2. Pay Structure Decisions There are two views of pay structure one from the employee and one from the employers . An employers view of a pay structure is critical in attaining strategic objectives as well understand that pay has an impact in the employees social factors such as behaviors and attitude . The employer should also consider that employee compensation can be a significant cost to the organization . While from an employees view policies that will affect the wages,compensations or other earnings will affect their total income which ill affect their standard of living . Employees are also sensitive when it comes to fairness and pay when compared to others .

There are two different pay structure concepts and consequences one being pay level which focus on external equity with the consequence being external employees movements , high labor cost and Job structure which focus on internal equity , consequence being internal employee movements and decrease in Cooperation An organization like Breadbasket has develop pay levels as labor- market competition as product-market competition might not prove a viable option due to Breadbasket already high operating cost of 30% raw materials and 32% employees compensation as Breadbasket is unable to increase the cost of any Breadbasket group brands product as price sensitivity to consumers due to the line of products Breadbasket sells can drastically reduce revenues and hurt their reputation Breadbasket has hired many culinary experts , Top management executives with a history of experiences and and expert research and development team from all over the world has to place itself different from its competitors and to create a globalize reputation .

To attract such talents to the organization Breadbasket has take careful consideration in the pay structures as it differs across other countries in terms of level and relative worth of jobs also expects pay and benefits used to link closely to the home country but now it depends more on assignments nature and duration of the job-This is a result from high base salary in addition of company benefits and allowance to attract the foreign talents to Breadbasket . Though this will potentially increase Breadbasket group wages over the years due to rise in expectations and geographical segments example Breadbasket group in china with the recent government policy to raise income of workforce .

Breadbasket has manage to position itself as a unique food and beverage company due the impact made by hiring foreign culinary chefs and executives working closely to develop innovative products . In conclusion , Breadbasket has a strong human resource strategy to support it competitive strategy to differentiate its brand from its competitors in terms of providing training and development and conducting quality performance management . However , Bread Talk operating expenses of employees emanations are ever increasing due to the already high labor cost which is taking 30% of the companies profit . These can be reduce with careful consideration of hiring more foreign culinary chefs and executive or train and develop existing employees to take up the position to reduce operating expenses .

Breadbasket with careful consideration can a better pay structure and compensation plan to planned ahead of the economy as there will be a rise in expectation and geographical segments compensation -Breadbasket has manage to consistently place it self as a innovative company and will continue o differentiate itself with the help its managements and strategic plans .

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