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Thus, the success of an organization depends on the ways it used to manage human resource. The fact shows that it is not easy to manage because there are some problems, which occur ruing implementing. According to Eight Cuisines (201 2), Dainty Cinchona’s food is the food which based on seven basic flavors: sour, pungent, hot, sweet, bitter, aromatic and salty which suitable for different types of customer. In 2009, Dainty Chuan was voted as one of the most influential food places in the past decades by The Age magazine.

In this assignment, our group will come up with a critical problem of Dainty Chuan, which is the high employee turnover. After that, we find two causes about the problem; they are changing of manager and lack of employee training. Then, according to hose two causes, we also provide some reasonable solutions, which are offering a systematic training and suit the remedy to address the occurred problems. 2. 0 The problem of Dainty Chuan With 50 employees, Dainty Chuan Restaurant tries to bring the best service quality to customers.

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Thus, employees play an important role in the development of Dainty Chuan. They interact directly to customers who bring benefits for restaurant. However, there are some problems, which have happened from Dainty Chuan related to human resource management in the recent time. In particular, high employee turnover is a main problem. High Employee turnover is the process of replacing one worker with another because of some reasons. Employee turnover can be a costly expense, especially for lower-paying jobs, which typically have the highest turnover rates (Work and Organization Behavior, 2007).

Having an employee leave a company, either because of his or her choice or after being fired or otherwise let go. In the case of Dainty Chuan, there are two causes to explain for this problem. 3. THE CAUSES OF HIGH EMPLOYEE TURNOVER 3. 1 Lack of employee training In accordance with the problem to find out low quality of working life is the season why the employee turnover intention of the restaurant so high. There are three main aspects making the problem occurred which are the unmeaning work, the strict management style and the noisy condition of work.

As it is known that working in restaurants is limited for improve personal comprehensive quality. Although working in the restaurant may improve the communication skill with customer services, but working as a waiter or waitress cannot learn more things other than their related jobs. Furthermore, the restaurant is a little tiny organization, so it just only has 1 or 2 managers. In general, even though employees are trying to make their works more and more efficient, their chances for getting promotion in the restaurant is very low or even none.

Hence, the prospect of development working in restaurant is very limited; it is not a meaningful work. For restaurants, managers are always having significant affect to the working environment or mood of staffs. If the managers trusts their staffs and manage them with easy attitude, it would create a good relationship between staffs in the restaurants and make people feel like to work harder. In the contrast, with strict management style, managers often show their unpleasant attitude to staffs, hence it leads to the outcome that staffs are working under pressure, and it decreases the performance of employees.

Working condition is also quite important. People work in heavy traffic of restaurants is easy to get pressure base on noises and tired. The working efficiency may be very low and staffs may make more mistakes. For long period of time, staffs would quit their positions due to unchanged in working condition for long period of time. The other important thing is that the new employees lack of systematic training. When the restaurant recruits employees, the first thing to be considered is low cost and less time.

New employees must work as soon as possible; they only know some basic rules before work. During the work time, the manager has to monitor the new employees all the time and remind them what they should do. 3. 2 Management failure because of changing manager people who manage groups Of employees in specific restaurants are used to know as managers of the restaurants. They are the piece of a puzzle that will lead the restaurant to the success. It is not necessary for them to have fixed roles; it may be changed to fit the needs of the society.

According to Mayhem R. (n. D), no matter what is their roles, but there are two basic functions that a manager need to have which are overseeing department and employees management. Replacement of the managers is one of the main causes has led to management failure. In detail, when the new Dainty Restaurant opened at Box Hill, some staffs have changed to work at Box Hill including two managers. From that time, the managers has done in changing many things that it used to be and replaced by new rules with heavy restriction.

In the result, staffs are getting more and busier even they cannot have enough time to serve customers with good attitude. Furthermore, there used to have a room for staffs to relax in their break time, but recently they have just ruined out this habit of the staffs. Beside that, the punishments for staffs that make the mistakes in ordering foods have been changed cost to equal to the dishes. Last but not least important is that free dinner for staffs have also been canceled by the two managers, so that the last chance for staffs to relax after whole they working had been lost. 4. 0 Solutions for high employee turnover 4. Offering a systematic training Through the training for the new employees, they can understand the recess of this job and getting more experience of the work. After that, it is easy to the boss or the manager to divide the work of restaurant in different parts and let employees to do the work alternately. It is better for employees to learn a lot of their job with change the condition as they do not work in the noisy and always feeling the pressure of the customer. Furthermore, it is also easy for the boss or the manager to choose the assistant to help them managing the restaurant.

The person who is working at this kind of position, his or her responsibility is to help the boss or the manager to manage the assistant, but the person on this position cannot give the pressure for the employee like the boss or the manager. Moreover, the person on this position must be a carefully person, if not, he or she would make the mistake to influence the development of restaurant. Besides, through these two approaches, if the boss or the manager let every staffs be the assistant alternately every day or weekly.

Thus, it is not only improving the work become meaningful, but also let all the employees learn a lot from their job. 4. 2 Suit the remedy to the case Suit the remedy to the case means that after to recognize the problem, then, o use the best way to solve it. According to the high employee turnover problem be found, there are three steps of this approach to solve it. First, the boss or the manager should identify the causes and find out the reason why employees are underperforming. As a leader Of the restaurant, listen the feedbacks from the employee is the responsibility of him or her.

In nowadays, more and more enterprise is same to the Dainty Chuan Restaurant, the boss or the manager just concern the economic and development of their enterprise, they never notice the feedback as complain from their employees. Truly, all the feedbacks from the employee are helpful to the development of enterprise unless the boss or the manager do not to solve. Fifth boss or the manager let the employee feeling unhappy for a long time, he or she may not focus on working and influence to servicing customers, as well as influence the satisfaction of customers.

Thus it can see it is better for the boss or the manager to listen the feedback from employees. When getting the complaint from the staff and help him or her to solve it, it also can improve the communication between the leader and staffs. Second, it is significant to the boss or the manager to execute the skill placement. The person who is a boss or a manager, they must clearly understanding what skills and competencies they are required, including an understanding of organizational behavior and functional know-how (Raymond, 2008, page 367-368).

Meanwhile, it is particularly need to know how to recruitment, selection, orientation, development, performance evaluation and career path management. They are core functions of human resource (Core functions of human resource manager, n. Thus, the boss or the manager of Dainty Chuan Restaurant should believe the employee more and give them a relax environment, as different environment has efferent style of management the boss or the manager can use effectively. Last, to creating a good condition of work and pay higher salary. Yoking condition IS essential factor that affect employee performances.

As the employee is an important source to create success for company. The boss or the manager should provide a good working environment for them. For example, if the enterpriser encourage the employee which is hardworking on his or her job. That can makes the employee feel happy and it may let him or her much more hardworking than before. Dainty Chuan Restaurant should roved a good environment like a family, as there are a lot of staffs from overseas. The leader can applied some social network communication such as: Face book or Twitter.

Then, let all the employees add it and communicating with each other after the work or spare time to improve the communication. Otherwise, the leader also can apply bonus based on performance to encourage the staff which is hard working and more responsibility. Meanwhile, higher salary is a more attractive and effective idea to keep the employees. In order to reduce the high employee turnover, Dainty can carry out reward and punishment system. The reasonable reward ND punishment can avoid the arriving late and fraud sick leaves, Improving the work efficiency of staff. 5. Conclusion Human resource management is an important part in organization but not all organization get success. Specially, when there are lots of companies which compete in the same industry, organization need to have particular strategy to manage employee effectively. In this case, there are so many Chinese restaurants in Melbourne, so the competition is very high. The current situation is high employee turnover, Dainty Chuan need to find the best solutions to solve problems. We don’t deny that benefit is the top goal of many; however, employees are main tool to create benefit for company especially in service.

They directly communicate with customers. With effective management will give the organization a substantial competitive advantage over other competitors and thus the problems that the organization is currently experiencing could be countered.

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