Human Brain and Right Brain Score Assignment

Human Brain and Right Brain Score Assignment Words: 482

According to the results I use my left side of the brain more than the right side of the brain. The left side of the brain processes information in linear order and processes information in logical order. It also processes in sequence. I am one that makes a list of to do items and checks off the tasks as they are completed. Sequencing involves spelling and I feel that I am good speller and rarely have difficult n spelling words.

One of my favorite subjects in school was math. The left-brained person tends to be more comfortable with mathematical formulas. I do not agree with verbal vs.. Non-verbal processing because I tend to have issues expressing myself in words. With changes I usually accept the changes and adjust to them fairly easy. I do not like to be late with assignments and keep close track of my grades and will ask for extra credit if needed. I am an introvert and I would have to agree with this. I’m not a social person and would rather spend time alone reading a book or relaxing. I tend to be quiet but will peak up if needed.

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I would rather work in small groups vs.. Larger ones but if the demand is needed I can work well with teams. They are highly sociable and involved in community services. I have been involved with soccer and served on the boosters as secretary and registrar. I am currently the class president for our Surgical Technology class. For sensing we prefer to focus on the details rather than thinking about abstract information. I am very organized and tend to keep things neatly. I try to keep my clothes organized in my closet but on the other hand my laundry room is a disaster. My vehicle is normally always clean.

I try to vacuum it out at least one a month and wash the outside weekly. We make decisions based on logic and objective data rather than personal feelings under thinking. In past Job I would rather send a trainer to meetings that was knowledgeable on the systems to represent the department. Under Judging we are planners and carefully plan things well out in advance. I do not like to wait until the last minute to complete something then have to rush to complete it. I am very responsible and will work overtime in a Job if needed to get assigned responsibilities completed.

All Guardians snare some to the tolling core characteristics: dependable, nard- working, responsible parent’s, cautious, Join groups. They have good managing skills and keeps things running smoothly. They are often found in business positions such as office manager or accountant and in the areas of teaching or medical. I have been in management for over 15 years in the medical field.

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