How I Spent My Last Sunday Assignment

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Probably, with all the stress from school, homework, projects, assignments and the Board Exams, nothing other than a morning walk can (or at least is said to) relieve you of all your worries. After telling my sister about my stress, she proved to me that she was stereotypical; and forced me to Join her for a walk in the nearby forest the next morning; as it was a Sunday. And of course, Just like any other forest, we could hear birds chirping, look and marvel at the chirping birds and insects, the dew settled on the delicate petals of lowers, and all of Mother Nature’s gifts, which made me like this place even more.

And, after sunrise, we could feel the warm sunlight on our face. Definitely, this was better than my idea of turning into a white-bearded saint in the Himalayas. I felt quite relaxed and I decided to stay here till lunchtime. On moving further, I came across a cave.. ” That’s what the nonce said. Ham.. How could a 14 year old be prosecuted? The Juvenile court cannot do much for trespassing. I entered it along with my sister, who was Just ten months older than me. And we thought that there would be no problem.

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Darkness. The word which symbolizes sadness to many. But to me, it symbolized excitement. I got a feeling that something crazy was going to happen on that day. Something. But the cave was so dark!! IT felt as though someone had covered my eyes. The tiny light bulb in my head was turned on! Aha! I have a flashlight! I switched it on. I had forgotten about it due to my excitement, and the pain in my arm because of my sister’s clutch. It worked on solar power. It was amazing. My father had got it for me from Japan. However, it had one drawback.

It worked only for two hours at a time. As we walked in further, It felt like deal v! I was surprised at what I had seen! Two loaded rifles! Okay, why were they here? Are any bad guys around? Goons? Thieves? Hunters? Murderers? Christ! All this was confusing my already confused mind. Calling the police would be useless. My cell was out of range and the weapon was not used yet. No proof. The pitch darkness, and two rifles! Wait, there was more to it! Just then, we heard a low growl off bear. No, it wasn’t the kind you heard on TV.

This one was sure to make you worry… WE began to search for the missing animal. After searching for it for a pretty long time, we found it at last. Poor thing! It was shot in the leg and was wincing in pain. I was very angry at this. It is a crime in my country. IT was the most gruesome activity which had happened before me. “Oh well, young ladies, looks like you have trouble reading English. You’ll have to pay And poof! There were three men before us! Two tall, while the third one, the shortest and the fattest, was holding.. A rifle!

The weapon! Wait, wait, wait. What was going on? Who were they? Bandits!!!!!! And whew. Batteries dead. Darkness swallowed up the little light from my torch. I couldn’t see again! But they couldn’t either! But how would we get out? Just then, I heard the shrill sound off bat. That’s it! Bats are funny creatures. They get attracted to tiny things, or maybe not. Who cared? All I knew is that they could tell me the way out. Alright! It was time to throw that betraying Japanese flashlight away! I threw it in the direction of the sound.

They flew towards one direction; the darker one. All I had to do is, take the path opposite, which would lead me to the outside world. Later, I called the police. The goons seemed to be trapped, thanks to our plan earlier. They were arrested, and the bear was rescued. They had intended to kill their gang leader, who had been seen by the police. The animal was shot on accident. The cave was sealed too. As for me, my stress busting morning walk turned out to be a Savior-of-the-animals experience in the evening.

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