How I Am Going to Choose My Life Partner? Assignment

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1. 0 Introduction While preparing the report on the topic, I have felt that choosing a life partner is a subject that should be thoroughly discussed sometime in college level and perhaps even in school days. It amazes me that so little time, it any, is given tort considering this topic on a meaningful and useful way In school, college or even university level. Why I feel like so; cause it is probably the single most important decision that all of us can make. I am sure that other than some brave people It looks like most of us, myself included , rely mainly on our instincts to choose the one person we want to be tit forever.

Therefore, the decision Is very Important and the discussion Is useful. While conducting this study, I have amazingly found that most people who get married in modern society do not have the foresight, life experience or even take lessons from the elderly which are needed to make the best possible choice. 2. 1 . Objective of the Assignment The primary objective of the study is fulfillment of requirement of university course on Social Studies. However, the supplementary goal of the study is to understand actual and useful determinant of bulldog successful Institution which can be called marriage.

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Additionally, the study will create awareness on erroneous variables which cause painfully broken relationships. 2. 2. Scope of this Assignment The study Is only an attempt to find out qualitative variables. The study requires more statistically proven data to reach so that it can be a recommended social study. 2. 3. Methodology This report is prepared using the following tools: a. Interviewing 10 randomly selected married person b. Studying popular concepts through reading, analyzing articles on causes of success and failures of conjugal elite. . Studying & analyzing matrimonial sites, umber of Faceable statuses and tweets of different people around the world. At first the report tries to endeavor what are key things we should keep in mind while choosing life partner. Then we summarize most important our findings from interviews. Then limitations of the study are expressed so that any future social study can be benefited by taking the mentioned scopes through which the whole discussion can be expedite, enrich further. 3. What are the points we should take care 3. 1 .

Whether I really like her Obviously, a certain person is not the right partner for you if you are not even eke” as opposed to “superficial love” or “temporary outburst of sudden emotion or lust”. Choosing a life partner with fools like intoxicated with such superficial love or temporary outburst of sudden emotion (in most cases, stemmed Just for looks) can not be source of fuel to maintain a healthy relationship. In addition to the above, I like to clarify and emphasis the fact that, when I say ‘genuine like we should be careful that I should not like her only because of her looks, How do you know if you genuinely like and admire her?

Ask yourself if you would want your child or future child to marry someone like her. And in answering this question, think about how she consistently behaves, not what he says. Compatibility in terms of wealth, culture, family background, religion: In case of choosing a life partner, it is like hiring someone for a Job. Does he/she fit the description on which your ideal partner should be? You cannot Just choose however. This is your potential life partner! You wouldn’t Just pick someone off the street to hire for a Job, so why pick a random person as your partner?

He/ she should be more or less compatible with your family status in terms of wealth, culture, family background, religion etc. . 2. Why do I like her? Being gorgeous, being a trusted friend and taking good care to a would-be partner are all weak reasons to like, be with someone. Rather whether: a. She can make you laugh your socks off? B. You can admire the way she treats others, especially in instances when she is unaware that you are aware of what she is doing? C. She can inspires you to strengthen your character? D. Oh can respect her ethics on work and lifestyle? E. Here and there, she upsets you away with her thoughts? Answers of these will give you whether he/she can deliver sustainable feelings of aspect, genuine like, and even adoration for a lifetime. 3. 3. Now, find interests between you and your potential partner That way, you can enjoy doing things and talking about them together without getting bored. Often times, having too many different interests requires you or your partner to sacrifice one’s desires for the happiness of the other.

Eventually, it may lead to ego problems and misunderstandings, so as much as possible, choose a potential partner who shares a lot of common interests with you. Remember that you together may not have to have ALL the same interests. Sometimes, being with someone with a few efferent interests makes life more exciting because you get to experience some of his/her interests. 3. 4. Consider you and your partner’s intellect If you are an over-achiever with too many honors and your partner is very laid-back and would prefer to Just sit and watch TV all day, which could impose a threat to your relationship.

It is very important that you see eye to eye in terms of how you both are talking to a person who frustrates you because he/she cannot understand what you are saying or doing. You don’t need to both be geniuses, but you need to have around the same intellect level. 3. 5. Do you have the same basic attitudes and beliefs about religion? Specifically, do both of you have about the same tolerance level for other people’s beliefs? If not, think carefully about how this might affect the way that you feel about dealing with my parent’s and her parent’s , even raising the future children together.

If you’re the type that would absolutely love having your parent’s in their golden years living next door or at least in the same town, I would suggest making this perfectly clear and asking your potential life partner to give this careful consideration and letting you know how it sits with him or her. 3. . Make sure that you both respect each other You can’t spend your life with someone who has no respect for you, your personality, and your goals/dreams. You and your partner should always respect each other. “Every good relationship, especially marriage, is based on respect.

If it’s not based on respect, nothing that appears to be good will last very long. ” When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory. 4. Findings Austin Samuel Helpers, the American author once said “There is no definitive daybook on how to pick the right partner. ” I Compatibility of each other in most of the cases like interests, ethics, goals of life, and views about life should be the key I concern.

I We should take good care and control on superficial love or temporary outburst of sudden emotion or lust I old. I “Know Thyself” is important concept in case of choosing your life partner. II do not believe, even remotely, that you have to have a partner in your life in order to be whole, in order to be complete and in I I You Just don’t have to choosing a partner, always pick the optimist. 5. Limitation lorded to be fulfilled. I The writer, in this case myself lacks real life experience of marriage let alone any successful or unsuccessful. I Number of interviewees is not sufficient enough for conducting a quantitative study.

However, this report leaves space for future I I I researchers for study on various key parameters. 6. Conclusion It is often said: The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. However, not to find yourself thinking like the same way the great Abraham Lincoln once thought: Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply purgatory. To overcome such thinking we have to way out, think about family affairs not only after our marriage but our marriage, as one of the founding fathers of ASSAI, Benjamin Franklin advised us: “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. Finally, one could argue he/she may too young or not willing to think about marriage right. Therefore according to him/her, the discussion is irrelevant to her. However, marriage, liking or perception about choosing somebody as life partner is not matter of taking a sudden and random decision. In this case, somebody righteous perceptions, correct analysis on his/herself as well his/her requirement, proper educations are useful in taking right decision at right time.

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