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Live Lesson Topic: Skill Related Fitness Live Lesson Teacher: Mrs… White Describe the task you completed collaboratively in a paragraph consisting of three or more sentences. The task my group and I completed collaboratively was we looked at Images which had different people with different expressions, and we all as a group went through each picture and discussed what was occurring In each picture according to each person’s facial expression.

We then all together voted on a picture that we wanted to use for the assignment, which was two girls standing on the left with one girl whispering something in the other girl’s ear, and a girl to the far right standing alone looking sad. After we chose the image, Image B, we all created a caption describing what was going on in the Image. Part 2: Caption Creation Caption for the Image selected: Bullying is a major problem that is rising in schools all over the country. Part 3: Peer and Self-Evaluation Rate yourself and your team as a whole according to each of the performance criteria below. =Always 2=usually 1=Sometimes 0=Never Peer and Self-Evaluation Rating for You Rating for the Team Reasons for Ratings and Other Comments Showed respect for others’ opinions 3 Everyone was very respectful to what others had to say. Completed assigned duties We Immediately answered all the questions Mrs… White asked. Discussions 2 I was a little shy at first. Stayed on task Participated In If we ever went off task, it’s because we were giving examples that were related to the Essen, which also served a bit as an ice-breaker.

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Offered relevant information I love how the team gave many personal examples to support what they were saying. Completed work adequately We worked very sufficiently I believe. Completed work on time (with no reminders) Mrs… White had to only say the instructions once. Offered appropriate feedback when necessary We all offered positive feedback to each other. Part 4: Self-Reflection Respond to the following questions with at least two sentences for each. 1 What did you enjoy most about working with others on this lesson/task?

I really enjoyed that everyone was very nice, supportive, and respectful to what others had to say. At first I was shy to participate, but the group’s attitude was so positive and inviting that I eventually felt really comfortable participating in the discussions. 2 Do you feel others were happy with your participation in the lesson/task? Yes, I feel that overall we were all very welcoming for others to participate. I felt very happy when other group members were giving positive feedback when I was participating in the discussions, which helped me in confidence to participate even more. What will you do differently, if anything, in your next online collaboration opportunity? On my next online collaboration opportunity, I will try to answer more questions, because I knew the answers to most of the questions I was Just shy to answer. I will also try to collaborate more with the other group members during the entire session. For instance, I’ll try to give more feedback to the group members. Part 5: Live Lesson Chat Exchange Paste the chat conversation exchanged in your Live Lesson session below: You do not need to do this part 0 -Mrs… White

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