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The assignment has to be submitted on week 6. Assignment received after the submission date will not be graded. Rubrics for History Elective Alternative Assessment I Criteria Marks 8-6 5-3 2-1 Content Content of article shows comprehensive research and understanding of the implications of the Treaty of Versailles Content of article shows some attempt at research and some understanding of the implications of the Treaty of Versailles Content of article shows little understanding of the Treaty of Versailles The representatives at the Paris Peace Conference had different motivations and aims.

Just as their countries had different motivations and aims. Just as their countries had different reasons for entering the war, they also wanted different outcomes from the peace treaty. The representative from Japan and Italy were principally concerned with getting the territorial gains promised to them for their contribution to war. The British and French representatives faced public pressure back home to keep Germany weak. As for Woodrow Wilson, his main interest was in securing the Fourteen Points rather than in shaping the Germany. The treaty of Versailles was mostly for the vengeance for France.

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According to the treaty, Germany had to accept complete blame for causing World War 1 . Germany had to pay compensation for all the damage caused in the war. The reparations demanded in 1921 were 269 billion gold Researchers, the German currency at that time, or 6,600 million Pounds. Germany suffered from territorial reduction because of the treaty. Much of the land that belonged to Germany and Austria before the war was redistributed amongst the allied powers. Germany lost all her overseas colonies in Africa and Asia Pacific. She had lost Lilacs-Lorraine and the profits from the Sara coal region to France.

She had to give up the territory between Germany and East Prussia to form the Polish Corridor to give Poland independent access to the sea and Germany was not allowed to unite with Austria. Germany also suffered from the military cut-down because of the treaty. The size of the German army is restricted to 100,000 professional soldiers and the Ana was limited to 15,000 professional men. This ensured that Germany would never be able to build up a large reserve force that it could call up in the event of war. All wartime weapons were to be destroyed and Germany was prohibited to build-up armed roses.

No air force, submarines or tanks were allowed and the Navy was limited to six battleships and a fey smaller ships. No German military forces were allowed to be stationed in the Rangeland, an area along Germany’s western borders with France. Instead, Allied troops would occupy it for 1 5 years and thereafter, there was to be no troops in the zone. But the Germans were angry as they thought that the treaty was not fair. The Germans felt that Germany should not accept complete blame for World War 1 as the Allied powers had also contributed to the chain of events that led to the war.

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