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Harlem Renaissance BY debated Which of the following was not a major characteristic of the Harlem It included literature, music, dance, theater, and visual Renaissance? B a. Arts. B. It spanned the era from the middle of World War II to the sass. C. The Lindy-Hop was a major dance. D. Duke Elongating was a major Jazz musician. 00 2. Theater in the Harlem Renaissance included vaudeville shows, dramas, and Broadway plays performed by African-Americans. 3. Jazz was the predominant music of the Harlem Renaissance.

Which of the following were predominant Jazz artists of the time? H. 4. 5. Fats Waller Nell Larsen Florence Mills Leroy Jones What is the name of Longboats Hughes’ autobiography? A Color Fields of Wonder A Long Way from Home What is Counter Culler’s “Tableau” about? A A black boy and a white boy walking arm in arm. A young girl learning to make an apple pie with her grandmother. Big sea A 22-year-old black man from Harlem going to college and completing a writing An old lady who makes beautiful tablecloths to decorate all assignment. . The tables at her church’s family center. 00 6. What is Counter Culler’s poem, “Incident” about? C q. Riot. A funeral of a 20-year-old black man who was killed in Boston in a race A child stealing clothes from the clothesline. S. An eight-year-old boy whose only memory of Baltimore is a man calling him A young man who gets accused of assaulting and raping two white Niger. In Landings Hughes’ “Theme for English B” which of the women. 00 7. Following best describes the speaker? D course.

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A teacher of a college English v. 8. Y. Game. Born and raised in Harlem. Shows great talent in the field of music. The only black person in the class. 00 Landings Hughes’ “l Too Sing America” is about: b A time when the speaker performed the National Anthem at a baseball A black man who has to eat in the kitchen when company comes, but yearns for the day when he, too, can eat at the table with the company. A young, black, Jazz musician from New Orleans who dreams of singing with Duke Elongating.

A black lady who wants to write a novel about her experiences attending an all white college. 0 9. From Landings Hughes’ “When the Negro Was In Vogue”: Why did many of the downtown New Yorkers attend the Harlem clubs? What caused the owners of the clubs to lose business and fold up? 11. 12. 13. Ere 010 Loran spend near early years as a cancan What happened when Zorn turned 13? How did this affect her? What does Zorn mean when she says, “I am not tragically colored”? 00 How did Zorn feel when she listened to Jazz?

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