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In this assignment I will make an analysis and an Interpretation of “Hamlet, act Ill, scene 1 . ” “Hamlet” Is a play written by William Shakespeare. The play is also known as, “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”. “Hamlet” was first published In 1603. The play Is set on a castle In Denmark, called Elisions. Hamlet Is about the young man Hamlet, who shall take revenge over his uncle Claudia, because he killed the old king, Hamlets father, and married the queen, Gertrude.

In Act Ill, scene 1 we hear about Reassurance and Guilelessness, who are talking with the king, and the queen, bout Hamlets strange behavior, we hear about the king and Polonium, who are spying on Hamlet and Aphelia, because Polonium believes Hamlets madness is caused by his love for Aphelia, and we see the meeting between Hamlet and Aphelia. William Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564 and died April 23, 1616. As a writer he wrote some of the most famous tragedies, historical plays and comedies. Shakespeare also wrote poems, especially sonnets.

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Shakespeare wrote 1 54 sonnets and 34 plays. Knowledge of his life Is quite Limited, partly because he was not famous in his own time. He was born and he did also die In Stratford-upon-Avon as a son of a self-owner farmer and businessman. Shakespeare married in 1582 at age 18, with the 26-year-old Anne Hathaway, whom he had three children with: Susann and twins named Hamlet and Judith. Hamlet died when he was 1 1, and both girls grew up. From 1592 Shakespeare worked in London, first as an actor, then as a writer and co-director at the Globe Theatre.

Aphelia Is sad, because Hamlets “noble mind” has turned Into madness, (scene 1, l. 152-162: o, what. ) She asks the heavenly powers to restore him, (scene 1, l. 142: o heavenly. Actually she wishes that Hamlet was in love with her and that it was the Hamlets madness is caused by his love for Aphelia and that she hope Aphelion’s virtues will bring Hamlet to his wonted way again, Aphelia says that she wish the same, (scene 1, l. 38-43: I shall. ) Some of the other characters think that Hamlet isn’t mad. They think he Just plays mad, but they do not know why.

It is for example King Claudia who thinks so, when he talks to Guilelessness and Reassurance he says: “And can you by no drift of conference, get from him why he puts on this confusion”, (scene 1, l. 1-2: and can. The author of the play, Shakespeare, is telling the story through a third person omniscient narrator. He knows about all the feelings and thoughts of the characters. But when it is Hamlet there speaks it is a first person narrator, because he uses l, (scene 1, l. 92: I humbly. ) “Hamlet” is written in a combination of verse and everyday language, like we normally talk.

Some of the characters speak more in verse and some speak more normally. It has something to do with their status. If they are from the high-class like Hamlet they speak more in verse, (scene 1, l. 56-70: to be. ) Most of he characters speak in a noble tone, it is specially the royal characters, for example the queen and Hamlet, but Aphelia also speaks in a noble tone, (scene 1, l. 152-162: o, what a. ) Some of the more characters from the middle class speak in a more everyday language. The themes in act Ill are love, suicide, to be worried and madness.

Love is a theme, because the king and Polonium and the king wants to test if Hamlet is in love with Aphelia, (scene 1, l. 29-37: for we. ) Hamlet says two things, but it do not seems like he is in love with her. Suicide is a theme, because Hamlet talks about whether to commit suicide or not, and he talks about that people only choose to live with all their pains because they are scared of the life after death, (scene 1, l. 56-80: to be). To be worried is a theme, because the queen, Aphelia and Polonium is worried about Hamlets behavior and his madness.

Madness is a theme, because the king and queen talk with Hamlets friends about his madness and Hamlet behave strange to Aphelia, he does not seem very normal. The message of Act Ill, scene 1 in Hamlet could be that you have to talk with someone to find out what the matter really is, instead of Just guessing what the matter is. In Act Ill, scene 1, Polonium and the others Just guess about why Hamlet is mad instead of asking him what’s wrong. The plot in a tragedy consists of a serious deed, which arouses feelings of fear and pity.

The plot in a comedy focuses on an ordinary problem, which normal people can face. Comedies are not always funny: they are stories about worthy people who succeed. The central characters in a tragedy are noble. The main character in a tragedy is the tragically hero, while the main character in a comedy is the funny hero, who has an average morality. Shakespeare also wrote the tragedy called “Romeo and Juliet” which most people know. In this tragedy both the main characters die at the end. Hamlet also dies in the end of the tragedy “Hamlet. But Romeo and Juliet is a love story, where Hamlet is more a story about revenge and indecisiveness. Believe that Shakespeare based Hamlet on the legend about Amulet. Once there were also an old Elizabethan play called “Our-Hamlet”, which is lost today, and some people believe, the play inspired Shakespeare to write Hamlet. These two theories are the most common theories about what inspired Shakespeare to write Hamlet. Some people do believe that it was the death of Shakespeare own son, Hamlet, which inspired him to write Hamlet, but many people think it is only based on the nearly identical names.

Hamlet still manages to be contemporary and interesting in today’s society, because the characters are complex, and the language is rich, and many of the fundamental themes as love, treachery, honor, courage and political intrigue is still relevant today. The people, who saw Hamlet when it was first played would enjoy the ghost, the political intrigues, the nation at war and so on. Today in modern time people still experience love, loss, war, betrayal, humor and tragedies, which makes Shakespeare relevant, contemporary and interesting in today’s society.

So we can conclude that Hamlet still is contemporary and interesting today, because people still can relate their life to the play, and maybe they can also relate to some of the characters. When people watch or read the play, they get a lot of different feelings from the characters, because the characters feel so many different things, and I think most people like that. They feel it is easy to empathic with some of the characters, and it is easy to get caught by the play.

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