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Good work Vivian you have successfully completed this assignment. You have demonstrated a good knowledge and understanding of the topics in this assignment and have obtained the required level of competence. There are a few areas that I would like you to review in your assignment so please take a few moments to review my feedback Included below. I hope my comments help your understanding and reinforce information you have learned in this unit. Result – competent AC Alan Watkins ASSIGNMENT TWO Give a brief outline of your plan for networking and identify three people who you think could help you achieve your goals.

Think of people you need support from In order to do your Job people who currently or could potentially provide you with the opportunities, materials, information, services, equipment or other support. Part 1: The organization I have researched and collected the relevant information to complete this assignment is Voodoo Tattoo, this business is located in Gifford on the Central Coast. They are one of the most prestigious Tattoo shops on the Central Coast, they have five of the most talented prize winning artists that work there this Is Including the owner of the shop.

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I have provided a brief outline of my networking Lana below that I believe would help benefit the business. The first contact I have chosen for my networking plan that I believe could benefit Voodoo Tattoo is their competitors, their competition is located about 400 meters up the street from their business and as I believe they have been there for roughly 3 years. Voodoo Tattoo has been operational for the last 12 years and in this time has had no competition to deal with in the local area, owners from both shops have not had any sort of contact since opening.

Voodoo Tattoo would have more to gain by Networking with their corrections as they are in the same industry. My second contact that I believe Voodoo Tattoo could also benefit from is The Professional Tattooing Association of Australia, known as the PTA. The PTA Inc Is an association for professional tattoo artists throughout Australia and New Zealand; they have members in KGB, USA and Japan. The PTA hold an annual three-day convention in various states, each state holds their one-day show, and each state also has its own state representative.

They work with health departments etc. , to upgrade and Improve the standards of tattooing and the Industry. Is Greg from Australian Tattoo supplies, Greg supplies Voodoo Tattoo with all there tattoo equipment needed to operate in the tattoo industry. Questions for contact 1 : Dale owner of Unique Tattoo Why is this person important to my success? This contact is important to my success because knowing your competitors, and what they are offering, can help you to make your products, services and marketing stand out.

It could enable you to set your prices competitively and will also help you with rival marketing campaigns with your own initiative. You can use this knowledge to create marketing strategies that can take advantage of your competitors. Another season why this contact is important to my success may be that the competition would refer clients if they could not do the Job, or they were unable to fit them into their schedule. What can this person and I accomplish together that I cannot accomplish on my own?

Both learning about the other competitor, who they are, what products and services they offer to their customers. Both of us will get better knowledge and may improve and grow as one day we may need each other, for example in collaborating to grow a new market for a new product or service in the local area. Are these accomplishments as important to the other as they are to me? I believe that these accomplishments are as important to the competitor as they are to me, as this could benefit both parties financially by providing more clientele and more knowledge to both parties.

What information, resources or support could I offer to help this person achieve his or her goals? I could offer this person some different marketing strategies that I have previously used and have been a success; I could also offer them ideas to improve their business, where I see it needs improvement. Keeping close And offering a helping hand to my competitor means I can stay three steps ahead of my competitor. How would I describe my current/past relationship with this person?

There has been no past relationship with this person since they opened three years ago, the current relationship is new and we are both Just building some sort of trust. But over time with friendly interaction I think will improve. Are there any reasons why it may be difficult for me to work with her/him effectively? Yes there are reasons why it may be a bit difficult for me to work with the competitor, as we both want the other business to be better than the other.

Quietly you want the other business to make a mistake so you can swallow them whole. Both of us are ring to stay three steps ahead to stay in the game. What other barriers might there be to minimize or overcome? The barriers I feel that I might have to minimize would be understanding your customer base better than your competition does, making sure you know what drives them to my business to stay on top of my customers needs, so that we don’t loose them to the competition. Also knowing what your competitor is doing or might be doing at all times.

How would other people or my organization benefit from my efforts to successfully network with this person? I believe my business would benefit from my networking with this person because he more knowledge we take in from our competitors, will keep us on top of the growing market and change, as we change and grow we may acquire more customers and more customers means more profit. As our customer’s needs are always changing so we have to stay on top to come out on top. How could I communicate these benefits to those concerned?

I would have a face-to-face meeting with the competitor and others concerned, as face-to-face meetings I believe are to be more effective to build trust in these circumstances. Questions for contact 2: Mimic Founder of PTA I believe that the PTA is important to my success because they are a professional external organization within the industry that keeps up trade regulations, health regulations and also keeps up to date information within the industry. This is important to my success because keeping up with the health regulations and trade regulations is a major part of my business operations.

We together can accomplish greater knowledge of each organization and both work towards better trade regulations that we believe would better the industry. Yes they are, as both organizations strive for the best practices within the industry. I could give them a brief outline of my OCHS practice that my business uses; I could offer regular contact with the organization to insure we are both current with the trade and health regulations as we might miss something. This relationship has built up a trust and we both respect the others values and what they stand for.

No they are a professional organization that is operational to give the tattoo industry and tattoo businesses the correct information to keep up to the trade and health regulations. They are there to help your business grow. Being able to attend meetings as they are held over the whole state of New South Wales. May require planning, taking time of work as it would be a bit of travel time involved to be able to attend. People in my business would benefit safe and health practices that are up to date in the industry, keeping up to date with what’s going on in the industry.

Things are always changing and you need to stay on top of your industry to stay in the game. I would attend the PTA meetings in order to get the information needed to communicate these benefits to my employees by holding a shop meeting, so that all Questions for contact 3: Greg from Australian Tattoo Supplies. This contact is important to my success because they supply my business with the necessary equipment to function my business. New product knowledge, this is to maintain a high standard of products in the tattoo industry.

Yes they are, again they are in the same sort of industry but they work towards supplying tattoo businesses with the highest standards of products, and they ensure the tattoo industry have a wide variety to choose from. I could offer them feedback on their services and products so they always provide a high standard of products. There is a mutual trust as they deliver high quality service and products, and I buy products and pay on time. This ensures a great level off trust between both parties.

My employees benefit from this contact as there tattoo supplies earn them money there tools of the trade are high quality ensures great tattooing in turn makes them money. I would Just talk to those concerned, my employees face to face and the supplier I would phone to contact. Understand why you are building this network. What is your plan? Do you want to improve personally and be better at your Job. Or is it more you want to improve the business and make it more profitable. Once you decide what you are trying to achieve by building a network this may change how you go about it.

You may change the answers to some of the questions. Overall good work- 13 marks PART 2 Devise appropriate strategies for networking. Outline strategies you will use to build relationships with your contact, the reason you have selected the strategy and a note when and where you will contact these people. Contact 1 : Dale from Unique Tattoo In Gifford. Strategy: Walk up to Dale’s shop and ask him if he would like to have a coffee with Reason: To build a relationship. When and Where: Whenever he had free time, at the local coffee shop in Gifford.

Strategy: Send an invitation, to attend a lunch meeting. Reason: To build up a more trusting and open relationship. When and Where: At a nice restaurant located close to both businesses in the local area. One week from sending Dale the invitation. Strategy: Phone up and Invite Dale into Voodoo Tattoo, for a Face-to-Face meeting. Also suggesting Dale’s staff attends to meet the staff from Voodoo Tattoo. Reason: To show him our business and how it operates to gain more trust and respect.

Staff getting to know each other. When and Where: A week from the Phone calls, it will be held at Voodoo Tattoo. Strategy: Check out the PTA website and see when the next monthly meeting is held. Reason: To build a Relationship with Mimic and to obtain any new information guarding the tattoo industry When and Where: Whenever Mimic has made the date for the meeting, this is listed on the website. And again wherever they have placed the meeting as it varies form state to state.

Strategy: Telephone Mimic to organize a face-to-face meeting, Reason: To obtain information on how to become a member of the PTA, to be aware of anything new that is going on in the industry. When and Where: PTA Headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales. And Whenever Mimic has free time to squeeze me in for a meeting. Strategy: Check the PTA website for the date and time for the annual tattoo convention, Maybe Email Mimic for the details. Reason: To promote Voodoo Tattoo and to gather information and meet other tattooists in the industry, also to make new networks.

When and Where: Locations and times are listed on the website. As every annual convention vary from state to state. Contact 3: Greg from Australian tattoo supply Strategy: Phone Greg Reason: To keep up to date with new products and services available. When and Where: This will be held at the shop, once a month. Strategy: Send invitation to Greg Reason: To invite him to a shop party, this shop party is for tattooists and suppliers to meet and network. This is held twice a year. Strategy: Organize a face-to-face meeting with Greg.

Reason: To view and test out new products that are available from the supplier. When and Where: This will be held at One of Gregg Shops, Australian Tattoo supplies, when there a new products and services to trial. Yes good work -14 marks Part 3: Pursue Network opportunities. Plan a meeting with one of your targeted contact people to discuss starting a working relationship. What I would like to ask Greg from the Professional Tattooing Association of Australia. What is your Job role and what is it that you have to do in your Job role?

What are your goals? What is your mission statement? How can we assist each other to reach our goals? What do you think about the Tattoo industry? Is there anything you would change to better the industry? Are there any products or services you think the tattoo industry could benefit from? What I would like to tell Greg from the PTA, and what I will say. What is the exact nature of my Job? I am the owner of Voodoo Tattoo, I am also one of the tattooists in the shop I organize the daily running of the shop in every aspect. What is my mission statement?

My mission statement is a disappointing mother’s since 2001, a little different from your everyday mission statement. What are my goals? My goals are to be recognized world wide to have my art recognized to the whole world and to have a successful business. What have I achieved in the 12 years of trading as Voodoo Tattoo? I have achieved awards for my art at tattoo conventions all around the world. I have a very large customer base, regular clientele that refer me to others for the high standards I create for my business and the great work that leaves my shop. Ad to have some sort of training for the art side of things, and also make sure people contemplating working or opening a business had to undergo training for the feet and health practices for the tattoo industry. I would like stricter penalties for people that do not abide by the health and safety act, proper OH&S practices. Think of a topic that you would like your contacts ideas on, such as how to approach a current project or challenge. Briefly describe the topic and list any questions that will gain information on the topic. For example “How would you handle this situation”?

The topic I have chosen and would like Mimics ideas on are the tattoo act 2012. An Act to provide for the licensing and regulation of body art tattooing businesses and body art tattooists. The object of this Bill is to create a licensing and regulatory scheme for the carrying on of body art tattooing businesses and the performing of body art tattooing procedures. This bill is part of the Government’s continued response to gang crime in New South Wales; The Tattoo Parlous Bill 2012 aims to break the stranglehold that outlaw motorcycle gangs have over the tattoo industry in New South Wales.

Removing bikes from the tattoo industry will reduce the reasons for rival gangs to fight turf wars, because these businesses will no longer be symbols of a gang’s territory. How do you think this will impact on the tattoo industry? Could you obtain your license if you hold a criminal record? What are the benefits for the tattoo industry by introducing this act? How would you handle this situation if you had a criminal record? Do you think that this was the right decision putting the new act into place?

Do you think people that have been in the industry will be forced to shut there shops even if they have no association to any outlaw motorcycle group? Will we loose customers or gain more customers do you think? Good answer – 14 marks Part 4: Use effective negotiation skills to encourage positive outcomes. Describe a situation here you have been or will be required to use negotiation skills in achieve your goals. Develop a plan for this negotiation using the three phases of negotiation and outline the steps you will take in each of these phases.

Negotiate a better price to buy a motor vehicle… My Plan: No: (1) Decide which car I want to buy. No: (2) Confirm my selection and obtain more information about it. No: (3) Negotiate to get the very best deal I can get. 1- Decide which car I want to buy. Exactly how much do I have to spend? My budget for a reliable car is $12000. 00 as I will be paying cash and that is the total savings I have. – Decide “Must haves” and “Nice to haves”. I’m going to decide with the type of car and then pick a specific manufacture and look up repair record on most makes and models of cars.

I then need to know what features are important to me. I need GAPS lots of space and a big boot as me knowing what is important helps filter the choices a lot easier. I’ll want to test drive the vehicle I’d think I’ll like. 3- To search for the car that matches my needs. I’m going to browse websites such as Cars. Com, Gummier and Auto Trader for cars that match what I am looking for. I will be looking at dealerships new and used, as ell individual sellers. I will be looking in areas away from home, as I don’t mind traveling a few hours away if its something that grabs my attention. – Track my data. When I find the one I like I will create a spreadsheet and enter all my data into it, I will then download a copy. This data will help me select the car I want to buy. 5- Look up the price on Edmunds. Com. Edmunds has the true market value, which I find to be the closest to the actual prices paid for cars. 6- Connect with the specific person. When I make phone calls or any interaction to dealerships and all other contacts, I ill get the names of the persons with whom I spoke with this is to build a relationship with them.

I will do this to make sure that they understand that I respect them for there time. I will put all the relevant information into my database. I will confirm the selection with more information, as the more details I gather the more options I will have when it comes time to negotiate. 7- Pick the one or two you like best. I will pick the one or two I like the most go and see them test drive them. Because I have all the data to back up my thinking I will know be able to rank the cars in the broadsheet, giving me the ability to create a simple 1-2-3 option.

When I have a few choices its easier to walk away from your first choice. 8- Get used car checked by a mechanic. When I find the one I want to buy I will get the NORMA to do a Vehicle inspection done to find out if the vehicle has any problems. 9- Negotiation. Knowing about the condition and the fair market value helps me in my negotiation process. First thing for me to do is to build a relationship with the person trying to sell me the car. Speaking with them for a while because the more time the salesman

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