Global Warming Assignment

Global Warming Assignment Words: 301

Cheyenne Reese “An inconvenient truth” by AAA Gore In this passage Gore begins with showing his passion for the subject at hand. I liked this strong start because it started to intrigue me about this assignment. He tells us of the most thought of reasons why but goes on to explain that it comes down to our own morals and what we choose to do. Gore gives examples and possible results of what is to come if we continue to live the way we do and sky rocket global warming.

He proceeds to tell us of how the leaders of our nation and world are not seeing how dangerous this problem really is and how fast it is escalating. Warnings are constantly being ignored and put off to the side while other issues are being addressed, however, if the world itself plummets those issues will seem less and less important. He says that we are procrastinating and not acting on the problem and that if we will accept the challenge at hand then we can help to save the environment. “An inconvenient price” by George F. Will

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In this essay Will talks about the prices and money aspect of the global warming situation. How much money is the government willing to put out there to help the environment. He talks of how some feel that the consequences can be a positive thing and that putting money into other uses will have many more effects. George talks about the death rates caused by global warming and the outcome in different countries. Towards the end he starts to talk about all the other things that the global warming money could be used on and how it would save more lives in the long run.

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