Ghost Dances Assignment

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Dance Assignment Draft In 1981 Christopher Bruce choreographed a dance about the human rights of people in Chile and how they were tortured or killed and left to rot on the side of the road until they were found. The dance is called Ghost Dancers. In Ghost Dances there are a eleven dances, there were three people who represented the dead and the rest of the dances were the Sullivans who were just doing their normal everyday activities and didn’t know when death was going to come and take them away.

These dances used traditional folk movement and accompanied by the andies folk music. At the beginning of Ghost Dances the Skelton like people that represent death start dancing without any music playing but just to a blood like dripping sound. Moving as a trio the dances consist of angular shaped movement and also curved positions. In the dance the three skeletal dances use actions such as lifting of each other, rolling on the floor, jumps, leaps, lunges and combat rolls.

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When they walked towards the audience the folk music started playing. Using lots of sharp movements it showed the audience that they lived among the Sullivans whilst they were doing their day-to-day chores and that death would strike any moment. In this dance there are three classes. They are the upper class, middle class and the lower class. The Upper Class wears suits and really expensive clothing, the Middle Class is more the business class and the Lower Class is the peasant and the farm hands. They begin to move freely across the floor.

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