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Description In this homework you are going to use Java to create a paint tool similar to Microsoft Paint. This assignment will test your understanding and ability to use lambda expressions and event-driven programming, You will be provided one file, Tool. ]VA. Tool is an interface that represents a general tool used for drawing on the canvas, such as a Pencil tool or Rectangle tool. Tool has three abstract methods: neoprene, Onondaga, and unreleased.

These methods represent actions that should occur when the mouse button is pressed down, dragged while still pressed down, and then leased. You will implement this Interface to create deferent tools for your paint program. 2 Requirements This assignment is meant to be open-ended. The Implementation and design Is up to you to decide. The quality of your design will be graded in accordance with the concepts you have learned In this class. At the very minimum, your submission should include the following: 1 . A file named Paint. Java which starts up your Java application. . A canvas that you can draw on using various tools, and a way to clear everything on the canvas. 3. A way to change the current color. 4. You will also need to implement the following tools: a) A Pencil tool to draw simple lines on the canvas. (b) A Rectangle tool to draw solid rectangles. (c) One (or more) tools of your choosing. This can be another kind of shape, an eraser, a paintbrush, or anything else that could be considered useful. Try to have fun with this one, but please don’t submit something trivial or something that you wouldn’t normally see in a paint program.

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Hint: man Greg. The Java source files we provide contain no Chastely errors. For this assignment, there will be a maximum of 100 points lost due to Chastely errors (1 point per error). In future homework we will be increasing this cap, so get into the habit of fixing these style errors early! 7 Turn-in Procedure Submit all of the Java source files you modified and resources your program requires to run to T-square. Do not submit any compiled botched (. Lass files), the Chastely jar file, or the SSL 331 -chastely. XML file.

When you’re ready, double-check that you have submitted and not Just saved a draft. Please remember to run your code with Chastely! Verify the Success of Your Submission to T-square Practice safe submission! Verify that your HOW files were truly submitted correctly, the upload was successful, and that the files compile and run. It is solely your responsibility to turn in your homework and practice this safe submission safeguard. 1 . After uploading the files to T-square you should receive an email from T-square sting the names of the files that were uploaded and received.

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