Front SheetTwo Challenging Behaviour Assignment

Front SheetTwo Challenging Behaviour Assignment Words: 465

It is a serious disciplinary offence Candidate l confirm that this assignment, which I have submitted, is all my own work and I have recorded all literature and resources that have been used, including the internet’. Teacher ‘l declare that the candidate’s activities have been regularly monitored and all feedback is recorded on this front sheet. Also declare that to the best of my knowledge this is the candidate’s own work’. Student Signature: Date: Internal Verifier Signature: Scenario: You have been hired as part of Lancashire County Council’s (LLC) challenging behavior Crisis team.

You have been sent to two separate care settings to gather information on two different individuals and create a Behavior Management Plan (BUMP) on suggested ways of how to minimize their more severe challenging behavior. Once you have completed the (BUMP) you are to create a report for LLC management and the care settings management. This is to focus on the benefits of using each strategy you have suggested and possible problems and weaknesses of that strategy. Task Sheet: Grading Criteria: Task 1 – Behavior Management Plan

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Identify 2 individuals from 2 different Health and Social Care settings who each show a different type of challenging behavior. You will need to give an introduction to the individuals, outline their care setting and their challenging behavior which you are going to be addressing. You will need to give some detail as these individuals are very complex and can come from different care settings. The behavior management plan will look at one of the individuals more difficult types of challenging behavior which you wish to see changed.

Within the behavior management plan you will have to suggest a range of different coping strategies (xx), approaches (xx) and methods of intervention (xx) for the individuals (2 of each for each individual), and discuss how these will help to minimize the type of challenging behavior, in their particular setting. Task 2 – Report As a Crisis team member you must also reflect on the strategies you have suggested for each individual. In a separate repertory need to show that you have thought each coping strategy, approach and method of intervention through.

This is to focus on the benefits of using each strategy you have suggested and possible problems and weaknesses of that strategy. For each individual you need to explain each of the specific strategies’ benefits and strengths, and the strategies possible problems and weaknesses. You will need to find evidence to back up your report, to prove what you are saying is correct and is well practiced throughout the sector. By doing this you will be Evaluating your chosen strategies. You must use the Harvard referencing system to present your references, support material and bibliography.

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