Food Security Assignment

Food Security Assignment Words: 610

There is always an overwhelming amount of food options. However, there is not as much information about the quality of most available foods. The source of foods and it’s ingredients are not always known, and often come from different states, and even countries. In addition, there are many laws and regulations that allow for food companies to print misleading information on food packages. For this reasons, although the information about the importance of high quality food reaches a significant part of the population, most people still find it difficult to follow a healthy diet.

My personal experience to keep up with high quality, nutrient dense foods as changed through my childhood and adulthood. There are different factors which contributed to the progressive changes in my eating habits, as fell into the tricky habits of low nutritional levels meals. This written assignment will discuss the food security issue in the modern world today. In the modern capitalist world, much thought is given to maximize the production of food. The staple crops, which compose most of the world’s diet today are corn, soybeans, wheat and rice.

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These crops gained popularity for it’s low cost, and abundance in derived foods. Most derived foods, of such ropes, are usually very low in nutrients, but high in carbohydrates. In contrast to low nutrient dense foods, the term organic food, is becoming increasingly more popular. This term refers to food that was grown, and prepared without pesticides, bioengineering genes, petroleum based fertilizers and sewage sludge-based fertilizers, antibiotics, grog. N/the hormones, radiation and other strict standards. These strict standards are aiming to maintain the nutritional integrity and composition of foods.

The concern with eating organic food has created a space for a new type of rockery stores. In 2001, organic food sales were estimated in $12. 6 billion dollars in the United States. This type of business has made healthier options of food available. Despite carrying a high cost stigma, “these foods are a key component in the major consumer trend known as whole heath solutions diets that promote well-being, prevent disease, help cure illnesses and protect the Marketing Institute, 2008, p. 1) My personal experiences related to healthy food eating, may as well be the story of many other people who belong to similar contexts as do.

Growing p, a healthy diet, with fresh local produce were the normal at my house. Growing up in Brazil, it is common to have a maid who will daily cook fresh meals, squeeze fresh juice and provide a healthy diet , usually free of canned, processed foods. Despite being introduced to a healthy diet, as an adult today still find myself eating as unhealthy as most Americans. Moving to this country had a great impact in many aspects of my life, nutrition being one of them. Of course, losing the maid is a great adjustment, as shallow as it might sound to people who are not used to them.

However, it is easy to understand owe having a person who will primarily focus on the preparation on fresh meals can bring great health benefits through diets. I now eat mostly processed, frozen, easy to make meals or pick up at some restaurant. At the end of a day of work, while still only starting the studying time, fast foods falsely become an all. A great number of people in the modern world does not have food security. Education and income level play a significant role in this issue. However, even in higher income neighborhoods the introduction of grocery stores focused on high quality foods is recent.

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