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For Example, Choose one of the following topics, and write a clear, convincing, and detailed memo. Your memo should contain a minimum of three relevant primary examples. Each primary example should be explained and detailed using secondary examples, which will help give your ideas depth and clarity. Remember, be creative! Try to come up with some unique and fresh Ideas. You can also use any comparisons that might make your memo more convincing.

Be sure your writing has been proof-read and contains few grammar, usage, or structural errors. You must use standard business structure (single spacing, block paragraphs). Remember, your memo should also look good, so Include headings, bullets, bold, and white space If you desire. 1. Low morale in the workplace has always been a constant concern for employers and employees alike. During tough economic times, the threat of low morale is even greater. As you know, low morale can have many negative effects on the workplace.

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It can hurt production, cause conflict, and destroy productivity. This is happening in many offices and factories throughout the world. Your boss has asked you to come up with overall quality examples/ideas designed to help raise employee morale. Write a memo that explains how each of your ideas will help improve the overall work experience. Be as clear and specific as possible when discussing the ideas you are proposing, and explain how each idea will help increase the morale at work.

You can use any work environment when creating your solutions. 2. According to recent data, Americans are some of the unhealthiest people in the world. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and stress have caused Americans to become sicker and sicker. This unhealthy lifestyle has impacted businesses as well. Unhealthy employees often miss work. Cannot complete physical Job tasks, and lack the energy to complete simple, dally duties.

In response to this health crisis, many businesses have taken a pro- active approach. They are coming up with ideas to help make the American worker healthier by implementing new programs at work which are designed to help Improve the workers’ overall health. Your assignment Is to help them: what Ideas can you come up with to help create a healthier worker? What programs/ Ideas would you create, and how would these programs of yours help to Improve the health of the workers?

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