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Every organizations, clubs, society even a small group have their own environment and behavior. Each and every behavior gives an impact to the environment. Behavior plays a big role in our life. Due to this matter, we, ourselves, should find the initiative to act good and ethical. That is how the business ethics comes out. The definition of ethics is the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. On the other hand, business ethics is the moral analysis of business activity and values.

Every organizations or country have different type of ethics because everybody have their owns view. In a same action, we can this thing is allow and other places are don’t. So, when we are working or go to a new place, we should see and know the culture and their behavior. There are a place that maybe in our place are normal but that place take that as rude. We are encourage to learn other people culture and respect when we go to their place so that they will act the same thing when they in our place. We have to respect people first if we want people to respect us.

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One of the purposes why we have to learn business ethics is to examine the ethical obligations and ethical ideals present in the relationship between employers and employees. Nowadays, a lot of media mentioned about ethics problems. The problems are either in the organization itself or between staffs and customers. Most of the time, workers should realize the difference between two environment which are in the business or outside the business because the problems from both different environment gives different situation.

By learning business ethics, workers can learn to evaluate the ethics of particular business and general practices in business. At least, every task that the person received are logic and realistic. Furthermore, this situation will encourage people to think before they act, and the product that will produce a productive workers. Everything that people learn about ethics, should imply in real life. In business life, ethical is a crucial thing to have a good and comfortable environment. Hen one person in the business doing the wrong thing, one’s should correct it before it is going to be a big issue. Everybody should know what do’s and don’t in business, so that, the business’s environment become calm and people are enjoyed to do their work. The higher rank holder should monitor their staff or workers doing their job correctly. Otherwise, the rank holder should be strict and stick to the rules. Do a punishment if they do not do well. To make the relationship more close, some company they do a team building session.

The impact of this program are to make the people in the organization creative, productive and close with each other. Business Ethics is the study of business situations, activities and decisions where issues of right and wrong are addressed. The Business Ethics discussions are intended to stimulate critical thinking and decision making of an individual. Besides, the principles of right and wrong that guide and amnion individual in making decisions are called ethics. While, the use of personal ethics in making business decisions is called business ethics.

In the Business Ethics assignment, students will have the opportunity to analyses the ethics of common business situations. In this particular task, we will discuss on the importance of business ethics at both an academic level and in term of how the organization manage and govern their company. People always thought that Business Ethics are a moral code that people conducting any sort of business should feel honorably obligated to follow. But, the problem is, are the people definitely morally responsible to follow a code of ethics and should never cheat each other?

This task will discuss ethical behavior in the organization world and workplace. In particular, the question of what ethical behavior actually involves will be analyzed in depth. On the other hand, we will look at examples of situations where individuals have made both proper and improper decisions based on their ethics. “The more one knows ethics, the more it is used and the more useful it becomes”. The quote by Plato is a reminder on just how important ethics is ND how important it is to educate yourself on proper ethical practices.

In today’s fast-paced world, business ethics is becoming exceptionally important in our daily life. In order to know more about business ethics, our group have decided to interview Mood Seen Bin Awing, the director of Entrepreneur Development Centre International Islamic University Malaysia to accomplish the task and to know whether they run the businesses with practice of ethics or do they just make money. In the literature review section, we had already found few articles that are elated to few ethical issues in an organization that we have been discussed earlier.

It will be divided into two parts which the first part is the definition of ethics from different perspectives and views and the second part will be article summary on the Issues. Definition of ethics Based on an article written by DRP Subsiding Zamia, ethics can be defined as the set of moral principles that distinguish what is right from what is wrong. Ethics has a twofold objective: it evaluates human practices by calling upon moral standards; also it may give prescriptive advice on how to act morally in a given situation.

Studying both moral and immoral behavior is to make fair judgments and decisions are able to make. Furthermore, DRP Subsiding Zamia also include the Islamic view on ethics. Islam compromises all aspects of life. In the Quern and the teachings of the Prophet have so many verses that stress on the observance of ethical and moral code in human behavior. Says the Holy Curran: “You are the best nation that has been raised up for mankind; you enjoin right conduct, forbid evil and believe in Allah. 3:110)” The Prophet (SSW) also says: ‘l have been sent for the purpose of perfecting good morals. (Bin Handball], No: AWAY’ According to the Islamic teachings, Muslims have to jealously guard their behavior, deeds, words, thoughts, feelings and intentions. Islam asks its believers to observe certain norms and moral codes in their family affairs; in dealings with relatives, with neighbors and friends; in their business transactions; in their social affairs, nay in all spheres of private and public life. Islam has its own distinctive value-based ethical system for business dealings.

It prescribes certain specific guidelines for governing business ethics. “From debates over drug-testing to analyses of scandals on Wall Street, attention to ethics in business organizations has never been greater. Yet, much of the attention given to ethics in the workplace overlooks some critical aspects of organizational ethics. ” The Statement above was mentioned in Marvin Brown’s article. According to her, there are two ways of approaching about ethics in organizations which are individualistic approach and communal approach.

The individualistic approach, every person in an organization is morally responsible for his or her own behavior, and any efforts to change that behavior should focus on the individual. While communal approach, it is dewed as members of communities that are partially responsible for the behavior of their members. Articles on sexual harassment First journal that we found related to sexual harassment issues is a topic named The Economics and Law of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by Sushi Basal.

In this section, Sushi Bass do not agree with certain countries that allow sexual harassment along with higher payment. According to him sexual harassment are not allowed and he came out with his own theoretical model as the author mentioned in the statement below. Then the author came up with a model that consists a basic principle that is principle of free decisions” and two other fundamental ideas that is the Parent principle and consumer sovereignty. The Parent is that if a change is such that at least one party is better off and others are no worse off, then that change is desirable.

Consumer sovereignty asserts that each adult is the intermediary of that individual’s own welfare. Next, an article from a journal by Nines Decker and Julian Barbing. Briefly, the article mentioned about a study using men’s self-reports to investigate the personal and organizational factors that predict gender and sexual harassment in workplace. For the last 10 to 15 years, sexual harassment was one Of the major issues due to certain factors such as gender bias and power relations between man and woman as mentioned.

Then, a journal named The Sanitized Workplace by Vicki Schultz says that “Using a historical and sociological analysis, this Article demonstrates that the law’s focus on eliminating unwanted sexual conduct has provided added incentive and increased legitimacy for a managerial project of suppressing sexuality in the workplace” Actions that should be taken by the employers are enforcing strict disciplinary measures, costing many people their jobs or petitions and threatening employees’ ability to form their own work cultures.

Employers also increasingly ban or discourage employee romance, chilling intimacy and solidarity among workers of both a sexual and nonsexual variety. Evidence also suggests that employers sometimes use sexual harassment charges as a pretext for punishing employees for discriminatory or other suspect reasons, and employees are quicker to accuse coworkers of a different race, sexual orientation, or class whose sexuality threatens or offends them. Lastly, article that are related to this matter is an article written by Eric Eng titled HP CEO Hurt resigns over sexual harassment investigation.

Based on the article, this top management immediately resigned when he was accused of sexual harassment between the clients. From the articles that are related to this matter, we know that the issue is getting more serious and need actions to be taken. Articles on discriminations First article written by Donna Obit-Zero, it can be summarized in which the research on gender inequality has posited the importance of gender discrimination for women’s experiences at work. Previous studies have suggested that gender stereotyping and organizational factors may nutrition to discrimination.

Yet it is not well understood how these elements connect to foster gender discrimination in everyday workplaces. This work contributes to our understanding of these relationships by analyzing 219 discrimination narratives constructed from sex discrimination cases brought before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. By looking across a variety of actual work settings, the analysis sheds light on the cultural keystones and structural contexts in which discriminatory actions occur.

The analyses reveal how gender stereotyping combines in predictable ways with sex composition of oracles and organizational policies, often through international dynamics Of discretionary policy usage, to result in discrimination. The findings suggest the importance of cultural, structural, and international influences on gender discrimination. Next, sources from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, State of California. The most frequently-mentioned category in complaints are cases of discrimination based on gender, sexual harassment, loss of job due to pregnancy and sexual orientation.

It has been for the past t-van. Or years. There is also an article about age discrimination. Employers nowadays even discriminate old group that is in the range of offs and above. Their reason is that younger employees can last longer. Although it is a valid reason, however, it is not legal and fair to the older generations who are still able to work. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits employment discrimination against anyone 40 or older.

But according to Michael Harper of the Boston University School of Law, the act is nowhere near as effective as Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender and national origin. In an article recently published in the Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal, Harper wrote: “For no good policy-based reason, Idea’s prohibitions of age discrimination are more difficult and less attractive to enforce. ” “I’m not criticizing any employer for trying to make money or for being rational,” Harper said in an interview. But we need enforceable regulations, because it’s a collective action for our society. The society’s interest is not in all cases served by what’s rational for the individual employers. ” The author argue that many businesses’ interests aren’t served well either. By screening job candidates by age, a company wholly overlooks qualifications that might make a person a superior employee. Harper calls it “statistical discrimination,” Harper also mentioned that “We lose potentially good workers and instead they have to claim more supports from society,” Harper said. You want to use the human potential to be productive, and you want to use it as long and with as many people as possible. ” This is what the company face when there?s a bad discrimination. And finally, even pregnant ladies being discriminated. The reason is that the employers do not want to take any risk on hiring them as they are scared it will affect the baby. However, it is not so relevant to automatically fire them just like that because they also need income to raise their family and child. So it is not fair to discriminate those who are pregnant as long as they can still work and commit to the company.

In Washington, during the past week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed four pregnancy discrimination related lawsuits and settled a fifth, just weeks after the government’s workplace discrimination law enforcement arm announced a plan to target employers ho illegally discriminate against pregnant women. “Too many employers continue to penalize their female work force because of pregnancy,” said Delver Franklin-Thomas, district director of the EEOC Birmingham District, referring to the case against Jus Seafood. This lawsuit sends the message that employers need to hear stop discriminating against pregnant employees. ” The study of an ethical issues in an organization was conducted by interviewing any top management of an organization to collect qualitative data. The qualitative research interview seeks to describe and the meanings of entrant themes in the life world of the subjects. The main task in interviewing is to understand the meaning of what the interviewers say. (Kavas, 1996) A qualitative research interview seeks to cover both a factual and a meaning level, though it is usually more difficult to interview on a meaning level. Kavas, 1996) Interviews are particularly useful for getting the story behind a participant’s experiences. The interviewer can pursue in-depth information around the topic. May be useful a follow-up certain respondents to questionnaires. G. To further investigate their responses. (Manager, 1999) The aspects of the qualitative research interviews are Interviews are completed by the interviewer based on what the respondent says. Interviews are a far more personal form of research than questionnaires. In the personal interview, the interviewer works directly with the respondent.

Unlike with mail surveys, the interviewer has the opportunity to probe or ask follow up questions Interviews are generally easier for respondent, especially if what is sought is opinions or impressions. Interviews are time consuming and they are resource intensive. The interviewer is considered a part of the measurement instrument and interviewer has to well trained in how to respond to any contingency Therefore, our group had chosen the director of Entrepreneur Development Centre of International Islamic University Malaysia.

The reason we chose him to be interviewed was because he handles a business organization and most of his clients that he deals with came from different range of age from students to adults as they want to propose a new business in the campus. It will be interesting to get to know more on how he handle different people in an organization so that everything run smoothly. Before we proceed with the interview, we planned on what to do first and ext so that our work could be done nicely and updated from time to time. So, first we decide who we should interview for the project as mentioned earlier.

Then we discuss on the questions that we would like to ask during the interviews. So we came up with few questions such as what his point of view in ethical issues, has he experienced anything that is unethical in the organization and is ethics plays an important role in an organization. It took us roughly two days to get the right questions as this is the first time doing this kind of project for all of us. Then once we are done with planning, we requested a formal letter from the university as a proof that this is for the course project to be given to the person that will be interviewed.

Next, we make an appointment with the director himself and proceed with the interview based on the date that both parties agree on. It was not easy to make an appointment with a busy man like him but Illuminate we manage in the end. Analysis and discussions The interview examined the unethical issues existed in the organizational context by means in this research of Entrepreneur Development Centre (ETC). Dozens of possible categories of unethical business conduct exist, but most fall within these main areas.

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