Focus Study Guide Assignment

Focus Study Guide Assignment Words: 710

The Admissions office is located in which building? What are Stetson’s four campus locations? ACADEMICS How many cultural credits must you have in order to graduate from Stetson? The History department is located in which academic building? The Music department is located in which building? The Religious Studies department is located in which academic building? Where do you go to declare or change your major? Where is the Academic Resources Center located? In regards to new students, where are two places they go if they have a problem with their class schedule? Who is the Honor Council primarily run and lead by?

What office oversees the tutoring programs and schedules? What is the result of missing the final exam in a course, without prior permission from the Dean? What is the preferred name for students over the age of 22 on campus? What is the name of the music building behind Presser Hall? Which grades are reported on mid-term grade reports? The Math department is located in which academic building? In regards to new students, where would they go to find out about withdrawing from the University? Where can you pick up add/drop slips on campus? What are the hours for the library? Where is the Writing Center located?

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What is a personal librarian? Where are 24 hour labs located? CAMPUS LIFE What is the fee for seeing the physician at Health Services? What is the name of the minerals museum on campus? Where can students print for free on campus? What constitutes a meal in the Commons? What is the name of Stetson’s newspaper? What office is responsible for the work-study program and where is it located? What board is responsible for campus wide programming? Approximately how many student organizations are there at Stetson? What is the fee for receiving counseling services at the Counseling Center on campus?

Where is the Student Government Association office located? What organization traditionally provides community service opportunities for students? Which office on campus provides assistance and resources for diversity and is home to several multicultural student organizations? What organization is responsible for campus tours? What are the hours for the bookstore during the Fall/Spring semesters? What are the hours of the Coffee Shop? What percentage of the student population is Greek? What are the hours of the Hollies Center? What two options do first year students have for meal plans?

In terms of meal plans, how do flex points roll over? Where is the meal card office located? What two governing bodies oversee fraternities and sororities? What is the name of the two art galleries on campus, and where are they located? Where can students find out about community service purport entities? What is the name of the artist featured in the Hand Art Gallery? What is the name of the women’s softball field? Which office serves international and exchange students and anyone interested in study-abroad opportunities? Where is the office located? What countries are available for students to study abroad?

What is the telephone number for Public Safety? Where can students get information about AP/BIB scores? When are SAGA meetings? What is this organization responsible for? What online resource allows students to view grades, class assignments, and announcements? Where is the University’s central Lost and Found located? Where is the Print Shop located? What services do they offer? What is the name of the intramural field? Where is it located? What department is responsible for setting up email and assisting students with login information? What is the name of the baseball field located at Conrad Park?

What is the difference between the weight room in the Hollies Center and the one in the Wilson Athletic Center? What department is located in the Wilson Tat Leticia Center? Home basketball games are held in which building on campus? When is the Organizational Festival? When is Greek Recruitment (Phenylalanine & AFC)? Be able to name then 1 1 organizations. What are the seven male and eight female NCAA Dive. 1 sports? (List) What are some of Stetson’s campus traditions? List 5. What is the difference between Division I athletics, club sports, and intramural sports? What are 5 club sports?

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