Fluids Air compressor prac Assignment

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Student No. Initials Surname Signature Date: 11 March 2013 Aim The aim of this practical is to examine aspects of a single-stage air compressor. Introduction and theory In this practical, we need 1 . To determine the instantaneous value of the (polytypic)coefficient of compression from the slop of the pressure/volume(P/v) diagram, near the start, in the middle and at the end of the compression. To determine the indicated work/cycle of the compressor from the P/v diagram. Where: Work/cycle=(m. E. P) x (piston-area) x stroke And m. E. P= mean effective pressure= average pressure(I. E stroke of the compressor) 3. To determine the volumetric efficiency of the compressor. A pressure transducer is used so that a potential drop will be created for a change in pressure. A similar process is used to capture the volume being compressed. These voltages are then captured by an oscilloscope with respect to time. Method

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The values of several different readings are noted from the digital display on the control board. A graph of the voltages corresponding to the pressure is plotted against those corresponding to the volume. The plot obtained is of the same shape as that of a P-v Lollygag UT D ten axes are In unlit AT volts be applied. Data No of pistons 2 Bore Stroke piston area 2827. 433 Mrs. Reading Value Units 28 16. 1 P at DC 750 h 0. 018 Speed 1049 RPM coos ё Volts I Norte an appropriate scale Doctor must Amps 5 Torque 7. 2 keg at mm Pop Atm 0. 74905 m Hug

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