First Part Tourism Assignment

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Understand how the characteristics of destinations affect their appeal to tourists This assignment is going to show the comparison between a leading tourist destination and an upcoming tourist destination and evaluate how characteristics of the destinations affect its appeal, the destinations being used are California as the leading and Brazil as the up and coming. In California there are a lot of things to see and do, the appeal to tourists is unbelievable.

There are many places to see and enjoy, not only is the weather good it’s also easy to travel to. California is made up of many small county’s and it is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world including, San Francisco bay area, San Diego, Orange county and home of Hollywood, Los Angels. California is situated on the West Coast of the united states of America so there is no shortage of sandy beaches, where you can partake in many events including surfboarding, windsurfing, Jet skiing, swimming and ocean dives to watch the marine life.

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There are many theme parks in California, including Sea World, six flags and LEGEND. All of these places are designed for tourists to come and enjoy themselves. There are arts and culture place to visit like Madame Tussahs in Hollywood, see all the famous names written in stars with handprint next to them on Hollywood boulevard. There are plenty of places to go shopping for all the latest and greatest gadgets, clothes, furniture and antiques. The restaurants in California range from cheap takeaways to the sublime expensive first class resort setsquares that cost a small fortune for a meal.

You can spend your time on tour busses through Hollywood that will take you to see all the houses where famous A list celebrities live and if you are lucky you may Just get a chance to see someone. For people with religious beliefs there is salvation mountain, which is located an hour and a half away from Palm Springs. It is a mountain covered in colorful paint dedicated to god. In San Francisco the church of cosmetology can be found at the edge of the city financial district.

As can be seen California is a thriving tourist attraction with so much to see and do and it is an ever expanding part of the United States of America. Brazil is becoming noticeable on the radar for tourism. It is located in South America with many places that are full of beautiful sights and plenty of things to do. The hot weather, beaches and party nature of the local community are a few reasons why travelers have started to flock to this part of the world. With travel becoming very affordable it is not hard to get to Brazil in this day and age.

The main tourist attraction in Brazil is ROI De Jeanine which is situated in the southeast of Brazil, In February 2013 they held there annual carnival. Brazil is a very religious country with plenty of things to see there including Crisis Rodents (Statue of Christ the Redeemer). There are many beaches there for tourist to check out and get a tan including Piranha Beach, Decorating Beach, Panama Beach, Airport Beach, Grammar Beach, Avenged Atlantic and Forte De Copernican, at these destinations it is possible to surf, Jet Ski, ride speed boats and go deep sea diving.

While attending a stay in ROI De Jeanne, there are many tour guides that can show you around for a price. Different tours include the Christ statue tour, sugar loaf tour, ROI De Jeanne cultural tour which takes you to ROI De Sanders modern cathedral, SST benedicts monastery concur Ana VISIT t ten samovar winner ten carnival takes place, ten roll beach tour, Maraca football stadium tour, the botanical gardens tour, Samba city tour, handling over ROI De Jeanne, and the ROI De Jeanne helicopter tour.

Music is ere important in Brazil; there are different styles that come from Brazil including short, samba and the boss nova. There is a martial arts style created in Brazil that many people go there to learn it is called caperer and it was created by African slaves that were brought to Brazil, it can be seen with its vivacious movements and guiding music in many of the Brazilian cities. SAA Paulo is situated not far from ROI in the southeast of Brazil. It is the largest and richest part of Brazil with a large number of museums, theaters, restaurants, shopping centre and international events.

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