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Which of the following is conducted as a follow up to a system’s recent implementation? A) Troubleshooting B) a systems survey C) a post-implementation review D) systems maintenance Points Earned: Correct Answer(s): c 2. After the conversion is completed, the systems development project team writes the project completion report. A) True B) False 0. 0/1 . 0 True 3. Which of the following Is not a task required to complete structured systems analysis? A) develop the budget for the next two system development phases B) develop the physical requirements for the selected design c) develop the system survey

D) develop logical specifications for the selected design Points Earned: 4. Which of the following ranks each alternative on its relative capability to satisfy the user’s requirements (goals) for the system? A) the cost/effectiveness study B) the Intangible benefits analysis D) the cost/benefits analysis 5. Which development phase has the purpose of developing specifications for the new or revised system? A) implementation B) design C) operation D) analysis 6. Systems maintenance is the modification of existing applications. A) True 7. Systems operation includes the post-implementation review.

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A) True 8. The GAL./BRB process is an interacting structure of people, equipment, activities, and functions with the purpose of generating accounting and other reports. A) True 9. Inputs to a GAL./BRB process typically include all of the following except: A) adjusting entry Journal voucher B) adjusted trial balance C) finalized budget D) GAP-based financial statements 10. Which of the following individuals should possess the greatest knowledge of GAP? A) managerial reporting officer B) financial reporting officer C) budgeting department manager D) managerial reporting officer 11.

A feasibility study is conducted to determine: A) the scope of the problem B) if funds are available for the proposed project C) user requirements for the proposed system D) if outsourcing might solve this problem 12. Which of the following is the assignment of an internal function to an outside vendor? A) application service provider B) Incurring C) outsourcing D) Benchmarking 13. The general ledger master data does not contain: A) business event transaction B) adjusting entry data C) source code field D) customer number 14.

A detailed vendor comparison would normally include all of the following except: A) maximum number of workstations B) cost of typical configuration C) benchmark results D) documentation volume 15. GAP based financial statements are sent by: B) the financial reporting officer C) the treasurer D) the managerial reporting officer 16. To write computer programs and interfaces, programmers use: A) the approved systems analysis document B) the approved configuration plan C) the approved systems design document D) the approved feasibility document 17.

The design of interfaces involves how data from the existing system are mapped into the new system. A) True False 18. A limitation of the general ledger approach is that financial and non-financial information is combined and business event source data is retained. A) True Which of the following statements related to implementation approaches is true? A) The parallel system terminates the operation of the old system and then compares the outputs of the two systems B) The modular approach can only be combined with the direct approach.

C) The direct approach is the riskiest of the three approaches D) The parallel system significantly decreases employee’s work load during the conversion period. Points Earned: 20. Adjusted trial balance figures are usually sent from the business reporting department to the: A) the financial reporting officer B) the treasurer C) the budgeting department 1. A direct cost is one that is directly attributable to the system or the system change, such as reduced overhead costs. A) True Which role in the ASS Development/Acquisition process requires the accountant to be equally adept at dealing with people, accounting, and technology?

A) implementer B) User C) analyst D) purchaser The process of evaluating the vendor proposals includes all of the following except: A) consider other data and criteria B) validate vendor proposals C) determine to which vendors the Reps will be sent D) suggest resources 24. Balanced scorecard is methodology for assessing an organization’s business reference via four components: (1) financial, (2) external business process, (3) vendors, and (4) innovation and improvement activities. A) True 25. A performance report compares actual results with budgeted expectations.

A) True 26. An important segment of the outsourcing market is the application service provider (ASP), which hosts, manages, and provides access to hardware and software over the Internet to multiple users. A) True 27. Continuous assurance (continuous auditing) will lead to: A) use of audit modules embedded in ERP systems B) fewer financial statement audits C) All of the above D) convergence of GAP and FIRS 8. The source code field of each GAL. Entry provides a beginning point of reference for developing a proper chart of accounts. A) True 29.

Which of the following statements regarding OSDL methodology is false? A) These guidelines are appropriate only when an organization is going to acquire an ASS, not when they plan to develop it in-house. B) Specific reports and other documentation, called deliverables, must be produced periodically during systems development. C) Following this type of methodology should ensure that development efforts are efficient and consistently lead to information systems that meet organizational needs. D) Users, manages, and auditors provide approvals called signings.

Points Earned: With the modular approach to systems implementation, the new system either is implemented one subsystem at a time or is introduced into one organizational unit at a time. A) True 31. Productivity losses caused by reduced employee morale are an example of a(n) cost. A) indirect cost B) nonrecurring cost C) direct cost D) intangible cost 32. An indirect cost is one that is directly attributable to the system or the system. 33. Which of the following has responsibilities and expertise to preparing internal reports? A) the budgeting department

Serbians-Solely Act of 2002 may lead to: A) convergence of GAP and FIRS B) obscuring of the economic reality of business events C) continuous or real-time reporting D) Worldwide acceptance of CABLE 35. Similar to the developer of an industrial park, an organization’s management or IT steering committee approves a systems development project for further systems development. A) True Users, managers, and auditors are required to participate in the systems development project. These people generally provide approvals, often called signings, at practicalities management control points. A) True 37. An instance document:

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