Financial Concepts Hac 270 Assignment

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Associate Level Material Financial Concepts and Reports Consult Ch. 1 & 2 and the glossary of Health Care Finance as well as other outside sources as necessary to complete the assignment form below. Part 1: For each term in Column A, select the correct definition from Column B on the right. Write the corresponding letter of the definition next to the term. Column B – Definitions | | | |Inflow of money to the organization | |Responsible for service delivery | |Generated during reporting period of an organization | |Costs that relate to earning revenue | |A map outlining the elements of an organization | |Steps that must be taken to accomplish the organization’s objectives | |Illustrates all transactions for a reporting period | |Comparing reports from earlier periods | |Responsible for data accumulation | |Exempt from paying income taxes | |Provides immediate operating information | |Column A | |C |Quarterly reporting | |A |Revenue | |B |Clinical view | |J |Nonprofit organization | |I |Process view | |F |Planning | |H |Controlling | |E |Chart of accounts | |D |Expenses | |G |General ledger | Column B – Real-World Examples | | | |Rendering service to patients | |Tenet health care system | |Emergency department manager | |Ascension health care system | |Salary for labor performed | | | |Decision making process | |Director of information systems operations | |Medicare cost report | |Ensuring organization is following the plans that have been established | | | |Departmental budgeting | |Verification of patient information |

Part II: For each real-world example on the right, select the correct term from the list on the left. Write the corresponding letter of the real-world example next to the term. |Column A | |I |Revenue | |O |Nonprofit organization | |T |Comptroller | |U |Managerial accounting | |P |Expenses | |M |Proprietary organization | |R |Process view | |N |Clinical view | |S |Financial accounting | |Q |Organizational chart |

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