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We can also educate the young regarding with what is moral posting and straitening their attitude towards social networking. B. Yes, it will. In this cyber world all the impossibilities becomes possible like in interacting people even we do not see them face-to-face that will lead us to greater fairness and overcome differences which there are countries who still suffering from racial discrimination.

It also shows that people of today are just contented to interact through online or even sometimes prefer not to meet a certain person face-to-face and there are certain scenarios like in staying in a hotel, dinner in a restaurant with family or friends and going to bars in which people prefer to stay places with wireless fidelity and spending a lot of time interacting in social media than communicating person to errors. It loses the ability to engage concretely with others. C.

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I think there is still same impact in digital media regarding to the context of face-to-face communication virtues since we can still be more open, honest and patience in relating or interacting in cyber world. This proves that there is negotiation in online businesses that becomes successful and there are some people found their true love and made it true to life marriage. 2. A. In posting as statuses in social media such as in backbone every minute and sometimes tit immoral content, tagging automatically to unnecessary photos or videos and even sending spam messages.

These are the common things that encounter in social media and considered it as problems. Feel that it is acceptable to post anytime in social media but statuses should be filter as we post it for anyone can see it. Posting negative statuses might influence to anyone who reads it and can cause also discouragement. Think it is also acceptable if you tag your friends in a photo or video if they are included or maybe if they ask you to tag as you post it into the public.

Sending messages also to your friends or even not-so-close friends are acceptable but if you send spam messages which is an act of disrespect to a person, then it will become unacceptable. B. Copy-paste a material from the internet for my assignment is acceptable for it is also common scenario today but all along claiming anything that is not my own work is unacceptable. Since everything under the sun today is researchable in the Internet, if I can find something that answers my assignment and revise it as much as possible. To me it is acceptable to copy-paste as long as you put the source in it if you can’t revise the words used.

Claiming something in internet that is not yours is like snatching ideas which is unacceptable for me. C. Post as status, blob or negatively about your school is acceptable if you’re in private forum and as long as it does not ruin your school’s reputation. If you are ask to post something negative about your school from an authorize person who needs your feedback, then it is acceptable. Not all negative posts are unhealthy for it sometimes correct or improve the school but if it is in public which anyone sees it, then it is not acceptable.

Post as status, blob or negatively about your classmate is acceptable if and only if it is just between the two of you or you are in a private forum or keeping it only by yourself. It is acceptable since it also a form of correcting someone and as long as it does not ruin your classmate’s reputation. D. Think it is acceptable to bad mouth your professor on your backbone/twitter as long as you keep it private for nowadays posting how we feel for your professor is also another way of expressing to comfort ourselves even if it is morally wrong. It is acceptable to bad mouth your parents or siblings on your backbone/twitter as long as you keep it private so that no one can see it. Sometimes we just wanted let our emotions flow and feel that we are comfortable after posting. Since it become a channel for us to express our emotions nowadays though it is morally wrong. F. It is acceptable to post your selfish photos every now and then as a form of expression is acceptable as long as your photos reflect with morality and pleasing. Moreover, posting photos nowadays is common and it is unavoidable.

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