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A friend of a team member or a former officiator could be a good option for a backup referee. As mentioned in the week two written assignment security should be employed for each event. Local police should always be made aware of events and the location of the events. This allows police to respond to emergencies promptly. In week two we learned that there were high emotions at the soccer tournament project meeting and security staff of no less than two guards should be present at all times.

There should be assigned volunteer staff at each tournament looking specifically at parents to make sure children are not mistreated. Parents can apply lots of pressure to children athletes and this should be monitored closely. Neither verbal nor physical abuse should ever be tolerated. Parking should be addressed in the event there are not enough spaces for each car to park. Contact a nearby business for permission to park on their lot on the evening of the event. Markers such a colored would be shopped in advance to insure there are enough opponents.

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Teams unable to compete in the tournament must be required to contact opposing team manager 24 hours in advance. A 24 notification will allow ample time for project manager to contact players and staff. Church teams could be contacted as a backup to play as a fill in team. Injury is always a potential risk in sports therefore a doctor should be located before event. Team members may have a parent who is a physician or know of a physician who would be willing to volunteer.

If no physician is available for the event a volunteer parent should be assigned to take potentially injured players to the emergency department. Planning carefully for events especially those involving children is of the utmost importance to insure everyone has a fun safe soccer experience.Contingency Referee no show Call back up Fighting security police Abusive parents Two assigned look out Inadequate parking Neighboring business Not enough teams 24 hour notice Church team Injury Volunteer doctor/ family of team member

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