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Ethical Issues in Research Ethical Issues in Research Alicia Smith Concordia University 2 Is student achievement higher and are attitudes better toward English when a II eight multiple intelligences are incorporated into the lesson? In the article, Effects of multiple intelligences supported protectorates learning on students’ achievement level s and attitudes towards English lesson , a protectorates learning research study was conducted at Karakul Sheet Shin Wilma Elementary School in Engine, Turkey. There were a total of 50 fit h grade students ho participated in the study.

This study used the uncommitted approach. T here were no ethical issues observed in the article. The results of this particular study shows d that students who are taught by using the multiple intelligences method, achievement levels were e higher and their motivational levels increased compared to students who are taught by utilizing g traditional instructional methods. There were two fifth grade classrooms who participated in the study. There w ere 50 students in total; 25 from class c and 25 from class AAA. The class C was the experiment roof and the class AAA was the control group.

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In the experimental group, there e were 13 males and 12 females. In the control group, 14 students were males and 11 were fee males. All 50 students were around the age 1 1 . The experimental group was the group who o incorporated the multiple intelligences into the lesson. The control group was the group who u seed the traditional instructional methods as the teaching model in their lesson. Before the protectorates research study began, both groups (experimental an d control) were given a pretest and a promptitude test to see how students felt about Eng sis.

Over the course of four weeks, provided researchers with useful information. In the ex perimeter group, subjects were provided with a variety of strategies for multiple intelligences of r four weeks. 3 After the four weeks, the experimental and control groups were given an cad mimic achievement test and an English lesson attitude scale test as the posters. The control group was teacher directed and students were instructed with tar additionally designed learning materials. Throughout the instruction, the teacher would pr sent the material ND then the students would listen and answer questions that were asked by their teacher.

Also, students completed assignments that were in their textbooks. In the experiment mental group, a variety of activities were presented for the different types of intelligences of students . The teacher used different lesson plans to support the protectorates learning method. Students were chosen to go to eight multiple intelligence heterogeneous centers. Students worked in the m ultimate intelligence centers. A fifty multiplicative question test was given to the students for the academic achievement test.

Each question on the test was worth 2 points and the total score was 100. In terms of the English Lesson Attitude Scale test, there were 27 items and they were calculated using pinpoint liker type scale. After carefully reading the article, the researcher was not biased or study limit actions. Based on the results of the two tests, it is safe to say that their is a huge differ once between the level of achievement of students who are taught by using the multiple intelligent encase method and the traditional language teaching methods.

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