Ethical Decisions Scenario Analysis Assignment

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For each of the following scenarios answer the questions and explain whether your answers fit with traditional or modern ethical thinking. After you have finished responding to the scenarios, discuss whether you generally make ethical decisions using a traditional or a modern ethical model. Provide an example using an experience you have had in your daily life. I Scenario One I You are a manager at your current company. You receive a call requesting a character reference for an employee you know to be I I unreliable and soonest but who has not broken any rule directly.

That should you tell the prospective employer? I What type of information would you tell the prospective employer? I How would what you share be to your advantage or disadvantage? I Response to Questions I Positive feedback. Nothing negative. Answer the question professionally and provide adequate details about the employee. This would I Bib a “fallacy. ” II would only give the prospective employer positive information about the employee, because negative information given would be I costly in the end. By law, is a previous employer gives falsifying judgments, it could ruin he business.

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This would be “switching Lethe burden of proof” fallacy. I It would be a advantage t me because I’m respecting the employee and the disadvantage would be is that I’m losing the employee. I Scenario Two Mike is currently enrolled in a challenging course. His personal life is also unusually complicated by his seriously ill mother who I lives out of state. Mike receives an e-mail from an individual who has taken this course previously and who Mike knows did reasonably Lowell in it. In the e-mail, the individual offers Mike, for a fee, all the course assignments, discussion question responses, and CheckPoint answers.

I How should Mike reply to his friend? I What are the positive and negative consequences of accepting this offer? I What are the positive and negative consequences of refusing this offer? Response to Questions Mike should respond kindly, but no, to his friend. I The positives of accepting this offer are that mike will have a lot less stress on his back, and he will be able to spend more time I Twit his mother. The negatives are that mike will feel guilty (hopefully) for using his friends’ answers, and if anyone finds out, hell Could fail the course.

I The positives of not using the info are that mike will know he made the oral decision, and he will also benefit from more fully learning the class’s information instead of just copying but not learning anything. The negatives are that it will take a lot more I time and put more stress on him. I Scenario Three I You are a politician involved in a hotly contested race to retain your seat on the city commission. The political issues are I important to you, but allegations have been raised that your opponent is leaving his wife for a younger woman. These allegations are I lampooner.

Your campaign advisors have urged you to release this information to help your campaign. I What moral and ethical considerations come into play when making this decision? I What are the positive and negative consequences of using the information? What are the positive and negative consequences of not using the information? II believe that the information given is not pertained to the campaign. Unproven allegations are typically a “false dilemma” fallacy. Positive could lead to further investigate on the issue and negative could lead me into troublesome consequences. This fallacy is I “begging the question. I Positive could help the campaign from becoming disastrous and negative loud cost me my job. Reflection Question: Discuss whether you generally make ethical decisions using a traditional or a modern ethical model. Provide an example using an experience you have had in your daily life. I would have to say that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Being true to oneself is ethically speaking. I used to get detention in HAS and being an honor student really hurt me. Peer pressure was another feeling that couldn’t be surpassed. Stress and anxiety are add- ones to one’s life experience. I have both.

Depression is yet another have not really dealt with. These feelings are not mutual and do not come easily. Ethics are the study Of moral standards and how they affect conduct, by definition. Traditional ethics are from the past and are from the way that people thought about morals and the way that life should be lived back then. Modern ethics came from traditional ethics, but were revised a bit to fit in with new times and with new ways of thinking. Ethics are a part of everyone’s lives. Both are similar, but believe that the development with the two came from within a person. Someone did not just make up how a person feels inside.

A person now’s right from wrong from being taught. With that being said, a person would know that stealing is wrong and that there would be something inside of them saying something like if you take that money from that person that is wrong and you will feel bad if you have good morals. Both forms of ethics have changed through the years and are now at what is called the modern ethics that we have adjusted to fit into today’s society. Would think that the biggest connection between the two forms of ethics is that it is based on morals and how a person feels deep down inside. Feel that it is based on what your heart tells you.

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