Environmental Fundmentals Assignment

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The term environmental science simply ascribes the study of human interaction with the environment. Is environmental science important to you? Why or why not? Environmental science is very important to me. The study of environmental science helps in identifying some effects of natural disasters which may otherwise be avoided when corrective action is taken towards human behaviors. The future existence of mankind depends on the study of environmental science. Should environmental science be important to society? Why or why not?

Environmental science should be very important to society because society needs to be aware Of actions which are taken that are threatening to our ecosystem. The affects of what we put into or take away from our environment may be hazardous to our very existence. If we treat the environment with no regard we may destroy it. Consistent education of the environment is relevant to the human species because we may provide corrections to damages that we may have caused. Reference http://www. Boggy-online. Org/dictionary/Environmental_Science

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Applied Principles of Science and Technology to the Environment How are the principles of science and technology applied to environmental problems and solutions? Environmental Sustainability Why should the concept of environmental sustainability be studied? What are the historical patterns surrounding sustainable and unsustainable human interactions with the environment? Personal Perception of Environmental Problems Reflect on your own personal values. How do these values affect your perception of environmental problems?

In general, how do human values affect sustainability challenges in society? Affects of Environmental Hazards to Human Health upon reflection of the environment, how do environmental hazards affect human health? Provide at least two examples. References Use PAP formatting and provide at least 3 references. All individual assignments should be posted on the Individual forum. The team assignments should be posted on the team forum. Examples for naming the assignment files: 1 . All files should be in Microsoft word format.

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