English Composition Assignment

English Composition Assignment Words: 528

Dear Student, Unfortunately, you earned a failing grade on the first-attempt of this final examination worth 33% of your course grade. According to the Academic Policies in the Penn Foster Student Handbook and to improve the likelihood you will pass this required course, you must prepare a make-up submission. Within the next four weeks, submit a document containing all fifteen Journal entries once again using the format required for the course Journal as assigned on page 1 1 in your study guide. Review the assignments as given in your study guide along with any related pages in your textbook.

To locate the required entries, see the “Course Assignments” starting on page 33 in the study guide. ) Add to, delete, and/or revise your current entries to meet each assignment. Contact the school with any questions about the requirements. Include this set of instructions with your retake submission, or there may be a problem completing your evaluation. For electronic submissions, copy from “Required Journal” through the evaluator’s initials and paste at the beginning of your retake document. For the file name of your make-up Journal, use your student number, 05018300, and your name as required but add “Retake” after our last name.

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This newly-found confidence wasn’t easy to locate. For me, it involved a lot of brain activity. However, I am excited that I have these new skills and will apply them to my life in many ways. Who knows, maybe other students will be analyzing my writing someday. Stranger things have happened. There are many things I found helpful in this course. One of the most helpful was the journals. They correlated with the course very well. In addition, I found that taking the time to reflect on readings really interesting. For example, the NY Times article about the two doctors really hit home to me.

Because I was able to make a personal connection with the article, I was able to better understand the lesson that related to it. There are few ways I could suggest to improve the course. Perhaps a little more interaction with my peers would be helpful. In addition, more short readings like the NY Times article might better engage students. However, these are minor suggestions. I don’t feel like I would change that much at all. I’m excited to complete this course. Composition has been a little bit of a challenge to me, so I’m happy for the chance to learn more about writing.

My feelings about being required to take a composition course will definitely affect my performance in accomplishing the course objectives, because attitude is everything. Since I have an open attitude toward learning more about writing, I am more likely to perform well. If this were a math course, however, it would be a different story! I learned that I need to learn more about writing after taking the inventory exercise! One way I want to improve as a writer is to learn more about grammar. I often feel that I know how things should sound, but I have no clue about why something is or isn’t grammatically correct.

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