Engage in Personal Development in Children and Young People Assignment

Engage in Personal Development in Children and Young People Assignment Words: 740

Engage in personal development in children and young people’s setting In this assignment, I am writing about the duties and responsibilities of my work role and the expectation of my work role. In my job, I must be responsible be being respectful toward other people I am working with, be professional at all time. To be encouraging toward the children, to be organised and to show that I am interested in the children and their parent.

To work with parent to ensure a safe environment for the children. Encourage creative and imaginative thinking in the children. Follow rules and guideline that have been set in place and to set an example to the children. Keep information confidential and away in a lock cupboard. Communicate and use correct body language toward the staff and children and always have good hygiene and be on time to work.

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By being professional, I am showing the employer that I am reliable and respectful toward other people and by being organised, I am showing the children how to be organise and by encouraging the children to be creative, I am helping them to explaned they mind and by being clean and tidy, I am showing the children how to clean and tidy and be on time mean I don’t miss anything the employer want me to do the day. EYFS The EYFS is aimed at providing the help teachers and professionals need in order to give children the best start in life.

At the heart of the EYFS is the principle that young children need to play in order to have fun, make friends and to begin to learn and understand about the world around them. Ensuring the welfare and safety of children is a fundamental part of the EYFS. The standards made statutory by the EYFS reassures parents that by using childcare they are doing the very best for their child, as they will be safe and well looked after.

It also emphasises the importance of working closely with parents to help reassure them about the welfare of their child and also encourage them to get more involved with their child’s development both at home and when they are with their childminder. The EYFS also brings out the importance of each child being able to develop at their own pace. Four key priorities of the Early Years Foundation Stage are: * Play is at the heart of the EYFS, children need to play in order to have fun and in order to begin to understand the world around them * Welfare and safety of children is paramount Parents should be kept up to date with what their children are doing and encouraged to get involved as much as possible * Each child should be encouraged but allowed to develop at their own pace and in their own way Duties of my work roles My duties are to assist children with their growth ; development – plan activities around their needs ; abilities and to maintain the cleanliness ; hygiene of the rooms, and to keep toilet facilities and toys clean for the children and to work with other organisations, such as social services to keep a good working relationship to ensure the safety of the children in my care.

To maintain records of the children and to confidence and to only used them when needed and to observe children when doing activities and to learn from them to see which you can improve on and to communicate effectively with other staff, other organisations, children ; the children’s parents/carers. To have prepare healthy & nutritious meals for the children and make sure that the children who have allergies or special dietary needs for care for.

In the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage, it say that ‘provider other than child-minder must have effective systems in place to ensure that practitioners and other people aged 16 or over likely to have regular contact with children (including those living or working on the promise) are suitable to do so’.

This mean that the provider must be suitable to do the job they been asks to do with the children and to get involved in the child learning and development. (The EYFS mean the Early Years Foundation Stage) Reference lists For the website http://michellemaplechildminding. co. uk/EYFS. aspx The statutory framework for the early years foundation stage. Page 29

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