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We are going to first look at Elisabeth Kibble-Rose’s childhood and some of the events that shaped her thinking and eventually her work and career. We will try and list her work experiences and her outlook toward death and dying. Of course I feel that any words that could be conveyed In reference to Elisabeth are not adequate for anyone to get the true picture of Just how great a person she was.

Elisabeth brother’s education was preparing him to enter the business world. Elisabeth and her sisters were sent to local schools to prepare them for marriage. Elizabeth loved attending school and had an Interest In science. She did not care for the religious studies because the townspeople’s taught the scripture by emphasizing fear and guilt. Elisabeth Just couldn’t Identify with his god. The open fields, the trees, the birds and the sunshine harmlessness’s church. Mother Nature truly bore the hand of god according to Elisabeth. Kibble-Ross, 1998, p. 39) During 19th Germans had Invaded Poland. Elisabeth recalls her father bringing home a radio and t becoming a nightly ritual that they gathered around the radio and listened to the reports of Nazi Germany marching through Poland. Brave Poles were dying trying to defend their country. Jews, women and children were being killed or held in concentration camps. Elisabeth remembers whispering to herself,as soon as I am old enough I am going to Poland and help. Elisabeth hated the Nazis. Kibble-Ross, 1998, p. 45) In 1962 Many and Elisabeth accepted positions at the university of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. This same year Elisabeth gave birth to their first of heir two children, a son. Elisabeth was given a fellowship in psychiatry and worked at the Psychopathic Hospital at the University of Colorado in 1962 and 1962. She also was an instructor in psychiatry at Colorado General Hospital at the same university from 1962 through 1965. In 1965 Elisabeth gave birth to her second child, a daughter.

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Shortly after the birth the family moved to Chicago. (www. Biography. Com) In Chicago Elisabeth was appointed an assistant professor of psychiatry and assistant director of psychiatric consultation and liaison services at the University of Chicago Medical School. Elisabeth had been troubled for years by the avoidance attitude she had witnessed in the care and handling of the terminally ill. She had begun developing her own techniques in working with the terminally ill that allowed them to express their billingsgate’s their situations.

It was during this time, while she was working In area Chicago hospitals that she began to receive a lot of attention for her work and ground-breaking techniques she used with the terminally Ill. While teaching at the university of Chicago Elisabeth writes, “It was a challenge to me, and I searched for says to keep my students awake and Interested during the two hour lecture assignments. Determined not to speak about psychiatric disease entitles, the thought occurred to me that death and dying would be an Interesting topic with which all students eventually had to come to grips.

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