Education Around The World Assignment

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Education is a right given to people In different countries and some countries do not even have an educational system. There are young boys and girls who risk their life to receive educations, then there are children who have a right to education and do not take advantage of It, and finally there are many Importance to an education. There are well over fifty million children and young adults around the world that cannot receive any type of education and many reasons lead up to such a high number tot uneducated people.

Many countries throughout the world have certain laws to make it to where schools and any form of education is considered illegal. For example, in Pakistan where women’s educational rights do not exist there was a nuns girl, Mammal Houseboat, so passionate in pursuing such a big dream through education. Yugoslavia went as far as risking her own life to show how much she wanted an education for her and other women throughout the whole world.

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Today, Yugoslavia speaks all over the world to share her personal experience in Pakistan and is fighting for the right to education in many countries In Mammal Yugoslavia case, some countries believe that women should strictly be housewives because they find men to be more superior. Many children who want an education probably have a big ream in their future and do not want to have a struggling life like their parents. Some people can not afford to go to school because It Is possibly very expensive and are forced to work instead at a very young age.

There are many children, young adults, and adults that would give up everything and anything they have for a education Just to make their life better by creating a big dream and achieving that dream for their families and most importantly their self. As many children and young adults who do not have an education which Is over fifty million Is about the same number of children and young adults that have an education but refuse to exercise that right. A very common saying that comes out of these students mouths is, “School Is prison! ” There are very mean reasons for why children feel this way about school.

They could feel forced to attend school five out tot seven days a week for about eight hours a day. Students see absolutely no point on why they go to school, another common saying Is “We will never use this In our lives! ” Yes, some things students learn in school you will probably never use but it is knowledge for their well-being. School is an environment where children and young adults can get very bored and tired. Which could be due to lack of sleep, over studying, not studying enough, Ana not enough Interested AT want teen could D studying.

Students could possibly be in the wrong school which could cause them to refuse to learn, their learning environment could be hard to learn things or they could possibly have no friends which could make it hard to get comfortable in the that environment because it could also be very intimidated. Finally, some students feel that the homework they are given is never ending. Students could get up to five homework assignments or more in Just one night which could cause a lot of stress, ND then they could feel that they are doing everything on their own.

There are many reasons why we have an education because it is very valuable in the world we live in. An education provides everyone to keep up with the world we live in, our world is constantly changing with new technologies almost every year. Education can make a person have a lot of respect towards other people by showing them that they are full of knowledge and very wise. Having confidence is supported by education because you can express your opinions and views as a single person.

Turning your dreams in to reality, everyone has a dream and to help you will need a degree which makes your dreams become more realistic. Having an education will make you more self dependent, which means you will have the knowledge to help yourself financially and be able to do things all by yourself. Education helps with equality, it can open hundreds of doors for the poor so that they may have an equal shot at high paying Jobs like everyone else. Finally, education helps create a happy and stable lifestyle, without school and education you will not have a secure and promising future.

In conclusion, it should not matter what race, gender, background, and criteria you are in everyone deserves a right to succeed in their life. In order to succeed you will need a many years of education in order to have a almost perfect life style. Young adults and children fight everyday and put their life in danger in order to get a education. Then, for those who already have the right to education they tend to refuse to exercise that right due to multiple reasons. Education is the most valuable aspect in everyone’s life in order for them to succeed and become leaders instead of followers.

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