Education and Lifelong Learning Sector Assignment

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QUALITY FRAMEWORK CUMBRIA ADULT EDUCATION Next Steps to Qualified Teacher Status Certificate in Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) and Diploma (DTLLS) Certificate in Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) This Level 3 or 4 Certificate may be offered in a number of modes including pre-service, in- service, part time or full time. Both certificates comprise 3 mandatory units worth 18 credits and optional units at least to the value of 6 credits, making a total of minimum of 24.

The mandatory units are as follows: Unit 1 Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Unit 2 Planning and enabling learning Unit 3 Principles and practice of assessment Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory 6 credits 9 credits 3 credits Optional units can include: Equality and Diversity, Preparing for the Coaching Role, Preparing for the Mentoring Role, The Coaching and Mentoring Roles, Evaluating Learning Programmes, Delivering Employability Skills, Principles and Practice of Instructional Techniques, Specialist Delivery Techniques and Activities, The Coaching and Mentoring Roles.

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How many hours are allocated to the CTLLS and DTLLS? The CTLLS consists of 120 contact hours and 120 non-contact hours, with 30 hours teaching practice which form part of the 120 non-contact hours. The DTLLS consists of 360 contact hours and 840 non-contact hours, with at least 150 hours of teaching practice, again forming part of the non-contact hours.

Opportunities are available within Cumbria to undertake the CTLLS and then DTLLS: contact name Kendal College Paul Smith Carlisle College Paula Hastie Furness College Liz Mayes Lakes College Sandy Harrison or Sue Johnson Courses are accredited via UCLAN or Ascentis If you have already done Level 4 PTLLS you can move straight onto CTLLS. If you have already done a Level 3 PTLLS then you can Accredit Prior Learning (APL) and need to: • do 2 observations of an experienced practitioner and write up what you have learned from the observation – approx 500 words, • write a report on what PTLLS has taught you – approx 1000 words.

So the message from the colleges seems to be: Tutors could join in at CTLLS Level 4 but will need to have done PTLLS Level 4 OR do the two observations/reports and a1000 word reflective practice assignment Courses may start in September or January, depending on when the colleges run their next course. Therefore…if you want to continue your studies towards full QTS status you need to contact your local college and discuss when their next course commences…. You must be sure you have the required number of teaching hours to fill the requirements. July 2010

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