Education After Violence Assignment

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Volleys Getting an education is key to becoming successful. These days there seem to be more and more barriers keeping students from getting the education they need. School violence, shootings more specifically are at an all time high. While It is very Important to find ways to prevent such tragedies, It is also Important to look at the aftermath and the effects on education. Making sure schools are safe, where students are able to learn and feel safe while learning is detrimental in ensuring dents continue with their education, even after a tragedy has occurred.

The sad reality Is that after a tragedy students are less likely to return to school out of fear and grief. C Service (2007), a student and survivor of Virginia Tech stated that “We lost 33 colleagues and much more as well: innocence, drive, desire, and whatever else it was that defined us before April 16. In addition to losing friends, family members, roommates, classmates, co-workers, and advisers, the killings took something else very personal from us at Tech: our purpose and our 3) It is difficult enough providing a safe environment for students to learn.

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After a tragedy has occurred, it becomes next to impossible. Most students returning after a shooting or other act of violence, feel out of place and overwhelmed. Service (2007) went on to explain that “l have the option of doing the remaining work over the summer, but even if I wanted to complete my assignments, I could not. I find it nearly impossible to concentrate these days, and when I can, it is only on the shootings” (p. 42). The most important task after a school shooting Is returning to a state of normalcy.

Fear and anxiety will be present; that Is unavoidable, but the longer students keep fearing school the smaller the chance of them returning. If students who were once on the right track and moving ahead with their studies, a tragedy such as a shooting can reverse everything they have achieved. The aftermath of any tragedy Is devastating. The feeling of accomplishment, motivation and drive will vanish, leaving students unsure of their purpose. This is a dangerous as the more school shootings, the more victims there will be.

Down the road, what will be the results? School should never be a place that is feared. Students should have the right to seek out an education and go as far as they want without a constant fear standing in the way. Security measures have increased everywhere since the most recent school shootings, but is it enough? A study was done on a group of college students after the Boston attacks. The study found that (Livelier 2004) ” majority of allege students In the study were severely psychologically Impacted Initially by the terrorist attacks.

However, this Inhalant Impact appears to decay over time for most people. “(p. 128). This study shows that there is hope and with time healing is 1 OFF Students need to continue down the path they have chosen, and focus on continuing to be strong. Although school security across the US has increased dramatically, there are no guarantees that another shooting won’t happen. The chances are good that there will be more shootings to come. Students need to continue to learn thou fear taking over.

Having strength and staying in control will make students and schools stronger, this is far more effective than any metal detector or Lockwood plan. References Service, C. (2007). Learning From Loss at Virginia Tech. Chronicle Of Higher Education, 53(46), 85. Service, C. (2007). Learning From Loss at Virginia Tech. Chronicle Of Higher Education, 53(47), 85. Livelier, G. 1. , Hofmann, S. G. , & Lilt, B. T. (2004). Coping and Anxiety in College Students after the September 1 lath Terrorist Attacks. Anxiety, stress & coping, 17(2), 127-139.

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