Economics Of Cybersecurity MOOC Depar Assignment

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We are pleased to announce that on 20 January 2015, we will launch an online euros on the Economics of Subjectivity, as part of TEX Professional Education. The co ruse provides a thorough introduction to the field, delivered by leading researchers from Dell t University of Technology, university of Cambridge, University of M;nester and Southern Me dhotis University. The course will provide you with the economic concepts, measurement paper aches and data analytics to make better security decisions, as well as understand the forces t hat shape the security decisions of other actors in the ecosystem of information goods and services.

It covers five main areas: 2. 3. . 5. Introduction to key concepts in the economics of subjectivity. Here, we prop did an oven. ‘IEEE of the properties of information goods and how this shapes the security in the sees markets. Measurements and empirical research into security issues, decisions and nice natives of actors. We analyze data on security incidents in different markets, as well apply con mimic concepts to explain the strategies of attackers and defenders.

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Economics of information security investment. We discuss and apply different economic models that help determine the costs and benefits of security investments. Market failures and policy interventions. We discuss available economic tools to better align the incentives for subjectivity, including better technologies, security metric s, cyber insurance and risk transfer, information sharing, and liability assignment. Human behavior.

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