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This type of co-operative are organized by consumers who wish to advance in investment in retail purchases. The main essence is to enable the consumer obtain goods at lower prices. B. Producer’s co-operative: This type of co-operative is organized by producers, mainly primary producers, who want o market their products themselves. C. Retail co-operative: use their purchase power to acquire discounts from manufacturers and often share marketing expenses. A retailers’ cooperative is essentially a group of independently owned businesses that pool their resources to purchase in bulk, usually by establishing a central buying organization, and engage in Joint promotion efforts ad. Thrift and credit co-operative: this type of co-operative is organized to encourage saving among members. Members deposit their saving with the co-operative and when they need moans, they ask for the society help. E. Multipurpose co-operative: this co-operative is organized by a group of people who want to advance their interests in diverse ways. The co-operative dangles into different activities that will be of benefit to the members. AAA. Capital investment: The amount of capital invested by the proprietor(s) in form of share capital, reserves and surpluses (net worth) determines the size and form of business to be ran. B. Labor force: The number of employees employed by any business can be used to determine its size and form.

This is done by comparing the wages paid to employees with other businesses. This factor is used where firms produce similar goods. C. Used up raw materials: The annual consumption of raw materials of any firm determines its form. The raw materials is used to determine the size of the business where firms are producing similar products. Ad. Power Used: The amount of power used can be used to determine the size of business. Don’t rely on this factor as it is inaccurate because the amount of power used by any business may economics assignment By minimize equipment.

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