Economic Planning in India Assignment

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Explain the scope of and functions of Human Resource Management (HARM). Scope of Human Resource Management (HARM) We may classify the scope of HARM under the following heads: *HARM in personnel management- This is typically direct manpower management that involves manpower planning, hiring (recruitment and globetrotting’s and development, induction and orientation, transfer, promotion, compensation, layoff and retrenchment, and employee productivity. HARM in employee welfare-This particular specs of HARM deals with working conditions and amenities at the workplace. This includes a wide array of responsibilities and services such as safety safety services, health services, welfare funds, social security and medical services. *HARM in industrial relations- Since employment relationship is a highly sensitive area . Let needs careful interactions with labor or employee unions, address their grievances and effectively settle the disputes in order to maintain peace and harmony in the organization.

Functions of Human Resource Management (HARM) HARM functions can be broadly classified into the following two categories: 1 . Managerial functions 2. Operative functions Managerial functions- It includes the following : *Planning- Future course of action; it also includes identifying human resource requirements and forecasting personnel needs. * Organizing -Division of labor ; assignment of responsibility is part of the organization’s functions. Staffing- It is the recess of obtaining and maintaining capable and competent personnel in various positions at all levels. *Directing- It is the process of directing all the available resources towards the common organizational goals. *Controlling- It is the measurement and rectification of activities to ensure that the events conform to plans. Operative functions-Let includes the following: *Employment-Let is the first operative function of HARM . Let includes functions such as J

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