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The economic conservative may or may not be a social conservative because they differ on the one hand, but seem similar on the other. Economic conservative and social conservative may emphasize on different issues, but they need each other to confront a common enemy. In the 1990s, the Republican Party in the United States saw theoretical changes in the ideas of conservatism, defining significant ideological divisions between economic conservatives and social conservatives.

An adequate representation of social conservatives comes from Protestants. The ideas which being spread by Christian Coalition, the political-action organization, match with the philosophy of social conservatism. “In the 1990s yet another set of groups — conservative pro-family organizations such as the Christian Coalition, the Family Research Council, the Eagle Forum, and the Traditional Values Coalition — became engaged in welfare reform.” (Weaver 211) Businessmen and other people of higher income group usually represent economic conservatism. Economic conservatives recognize the need for some entitlement programs, but they are of the opinion that they should be kept as small as possible. Gelman, Park and Shor say that people belonging to higher-income group are more conservative than the people of lower-income group. “Higher-income voters are more conservative, both economically and socially, in poor states, and frequent church attenders are more socially conservative in less religious states.” (Gelman, Park & Shor 89)

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