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Scenario Date: The changing nature of business and increased regulations mean that organizations across all sectors of the economy need to understand the impact of the changes on their key decisions, to ensure that their decisions match wit n the current economic tuition, to Justify their investments internally and externally and to develop and sustain partnerships and alliances. To do this they need to have clear understanding of direct financial effects as well as the wider economic, social and environmental impacts. Select one of the UK organizations and complete the following tasks relating to the learning outcomes.

Note: Students within the same group must not choose the same organization. Task la. Impact of Economic Change on a Selected Business In order to complete this task, the student must: investigate the business cycle and the reasons for fluctuations in the cycle. Identify the aims of government policy in managing the business cycle explain how the aims of government policy need to be reconciled consider how changes in the business cycle affect a selected business. Examine the range of government policies that have an impact on a selected business explain how specific government policies affect a selected business.

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This provides evidence for: Pl Explain the effects, of changes in the economic environment on a selected business PA Identify how government policies impact on a selected business Task b. The Role of Government Spending in the Economy and its Impact on a Selected Business In order to complete this task, the student must: investigate the size of and trends in government spending investigate the nature of government spending identify the importance of government spending to businesses and communities consider the multiplier effect of government spending by considering national and local examples explain the role of private finance initiatives.

PA Identify the impact of government spending on a selected business Task LLC. Fiscal and Monetary Factors define fiscal policy and its components identify the role of fiscal policy explain the need to raise revenue to fund expenditure examine the importance of deficit financing explain the budgetary process examine the impact of fiscal policy on a selected business define monetary policy and its components identify the role of monetary policy explain now the government manages monetary policy examine the impact of monetary policy on a selected business.

PA Explain how both fiscal and monetary policy decisions have affected a selected business Task 2. Impact of European and Global Factors on the UK According to the article written by Gavin Thomson and published by the Commons library Standard on 18 September 2013, EX. membership influences the I-J economy n a number of ways. The most important effects arise through the Single Market, the programmer of economic integration through which the Ex.’s four freedoms’ are guaranteed. But the economic impact of the EX. is felt in other areas of its policy, too.

The EX. has exclusive competence to negotiate trade and investment agreements with countries outside the Union; and it is a customs union with a common external tariff on imported goods. Membership thus profoundly affects the Auk’s trade relations with non-E members. There are also fiscal consequences to membership as a result of the Auk’s contributions to the EX. budget. Consumer prices are affected through the Common Agricultural Policy and common external tariffs levied on imports.

And the fact of EX. membership may also influence decisions made by foreigners about whether to invest in the I-J. In order to complete this task, the student must: identify the impact of EX. membership on I-J business activities explain how EX. policies affect businesses identify the impact of global issues on UK business activities explain how global developments affect businesses PA Describe the impact of international factors on a selected business Your written work should be handed in by 16 May 2014

Your result will be issued on 20 June 2014 Assessment feedback will be provided on 27 June 2014 ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES 1 Your assignment should Title page Table of contents Introduction consist to the tolling parts Main body of the assignment clearly identifying the separate tasks Conclusion Reference and bibliography Appendices only if relevant and necessary 2. Assignment should be word processed and grammatically correct. Pages should be numbered. Use Times New Roman, font 12 and 1. 5 line spacing. Show titles and use bullet points for a better structure and presentation. 3.

List of references citing resources in Harvard referencing style is a must. Reference may include bibliography showing your wider study relevant to this module. 4. To pass the assignment you must achieve a pass for each learning outcome (Pl etc. ) 5. The assignment (hard copy and soft copy) should be submitted to the Administrative Office by 5:00 pm on 16 May 2014. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA In order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that he/she can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria for a pass grade describe the level of achievement required o pass this unit.

Assessment criteria To achieve a pass grade the evidence must show that the learner is able to: business [II] PA Identify how government policies impact on a selected business [II, RL] PA Identify the impact of government spending on a selected business [II, CT] PA Explain how both fiscal and monetary policy decisions have affected a selected business [II] PA Describe the impact of international factors on a selected business. PLUS: This summary references where applicable, in the square brackets, the elements of the personal, learning and thinking skills applicable in the pass criteria.

It identifies opportunities for learners to demonstrate effective application of the referenced elements of the skills. II – independent enquirers CT – creative thinkers RL – reflective learners TWO – team workers SMS – self-managers PEP – effective participators For Pl, learners should explain the likely effect of variations in the economic environment on a selected business, by examining the business cycle and indicators that describe it, such as initiation, employment, gar town and international trade. Learners should choose an appropriate business in order to examine the impact of any changes.

A local example or a major national example will help ensure sufficient information is available. For PA, learners need to consider the wide range of government policies that impinge on business and select those that have a significant effect on the selected business. The impact of policies will vary between businesses depending on their size, location and type of activity. For PA, learners should consider the impact of changes to government spending on a selected business at a local, national or European level. If government spending is declining, demand for a business’s products or services will fall.

This will have predictable consequences on the revenues, profits and employment for both the individual business and the economy as a whole. Learners can also analyses the likely impact on a selected business organization of a significant change in the level of public spending in terms of altered demand and the adjusted output, purchases, overheads and long-term growth. Learners should trace the knock-on effects in response to these changes and explain the multiplier effect. For PA, learners must examine fiscal and monetary policies in relation to a chosen business.

This will involve analyzing the possible impact of changes in the tax regime, as well as interest rate changes, on a selected business’s operations. The range of possibilities is extensive and will vary over time so care will be needed in identifying what is relevant at any one time. For AS, learners should describe the implications for a selected business of European and global factors. Again, these will vary between types of business and over time. However, some developments are long term. European requirements will continue to be incorporated in to I-J legal and regulatory frameworks.

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