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Listen carefully to what your debate partner has to say. Respond thoughtfully to their point of view. Show to the people that CEO-friendly home is good for the environment Show that it is better for all of as Tell people that this is important to save the earth We can convince people with conation reasons (because almost all the people try to save their money) What is the relevance of that assignment? Everyone knows that environment is very important for us, because it is our world and it is our lives. And in my opinion we need to keep the earth clean so we can not live in polluted air.

Also we should keep the Earth clean because it could mess up the food chains, which would put more animals in extinction. We need to make sure that our animals and plants lives are not endangered as well as ours so we need to keep fresh air and water and help the food chains not destroy them. We need to make sure that we keep our earth clean! What this project should include? It should include a catchy phrase (slogan) “Just do it” It should be possibly made of CEO-friendly material or at least have a CEO-friendly appearance. (You are representing an CEO-conscious company). It should be transportable.

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Strong but lightweight). It should be eye-catching. It should look professional. It should combine good graphic design with good product design. What is the aim? Are promoting a product for soccer you would use elements from the sport. Like a the octagonal shape of a soccer ball Or a soccer shoe, Or the green field with white stripes or a goal. Or the net of a goal And make this come together in a display meek. In my own project I would like to present the “water cleaning filters” that will produce the energy for the house. The dirty water from the toilet, soul, washing machine and etc. One word I can say, all the water from the house will go to the cleaning filter and after to the garden. From the pressure of water that is going through the filter, will produce the energy that after will go to the house, which can be used as the energy for the light. What possibilities do I have to make a display that convinces people about my water cleaning filters? I have to show the system in a simple way and shows how it works Make sure everybody understands the benefits of such a system How can I make it eye-catching? Colorful green grass blue and grey for water.. , make an “open structure of a house”

Try to find symbolic forms for instance what represents a toilet.. A good combo between AD and AD elements How am I going to make an eye-catching display? To make the display more eye-catching, it has to be at EYE LEVEL. Pretend you’re a customer and walk past your shop window, where are your eyes naturally drawn to? This is where your products should be focused. Also I think the important trick is focusing on the art of it, the rest will take care of itself. If you are creating a display that is really stunning and attractive, people will naturally be interested and hence drawn to the products within the display.

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