Eastern and Western Education Assignment

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Westerners are more confident and creative, while Easterners are more conservative and reserved. So what makes all these difference? I would suggest it Is the result of the deferent education systems. Having studied under both foreign and local teachers, I discovered that their approaches to teaching are basically different. In this essay, I would like to examine and evaluate these differences. This Is Important as It Influences our choices and responses In life beyond school.

And will finally determine our values, the quality of our lives and the distractions we derive from life. I would say that the prime difference between the two education systems is that one uses teacher-centered classes, and the other uses student-centered classes. In the Eastern education system, the teacher Is the only authority; his or her words are not to be questioned. Students are not expected to speak up in class or respond to the questions that the teacher asks. Questions are brought up for the teachers to answer.

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Thus. There Is no motivation for the students to be active. This leads to a very unusually phenomenon, the students sleeping in class. Students of the Western education system, on the contrary, participate more In class. They have class or group discussions and they are forced to express opinions, which are valued. In this way, students also listen to other’s ideas, which make them not only learn from the teachers. But also their peers. The way students learn individually also differs from East to West.

For instance, Eastern education Is mainly based on book learning and memorization. They focus on classics and exams. Teachers often have to rush through the textbooks to meet the deadline of every monthly examination. Hence, students learn from memorizing facts, which are often forgotten after a short period of time, rather than understanding. And the lack of understanding all the facts results in the need for cram schools. However, sometimes students put too much dependence on cram schools and often exhaust themselves, which can easily pull down the efficiency of learning.

I noticed that recently teachers tried to train us in the ability to analyze and organize information we receive, but exams put pressure on students to ignore this, since memorizing Information Is the key to winning points. Somehow the community has formed a rather odd concept that certificates and scores are believed to represent ability. In the end, all we are best at doing is scoring high in exams or getting a diploma. Even our attitude and behavior is graded by numbers.

The truth is, however, that most of us show lack of efficiency in solving problems we are doubled, and sometimes we find difficulties when it comes to organizing activities or our daily routine. We are so competitive out we’re still not In step WI countries. TN ten more panacea If we take a look in the Western way, they have a comparatively relaxed pace of learning. This allows better and deeper understanding of the topic they are working n. They spend more time on class and group discussion in order to know how to speak up logically and learn to accept other people’s opinions.

They are often given assignments in the format of a report or project and will have to do their own research and gradually develop their independence. Presentations are also expected to be given properly with a clear voice and information, good time-control and stable eye contact. The skill of taking notes directly from the teacher’s lecture replaces following lifeless textbooks. This is the education of training students to be provided tit skills they will need in their further studies and future careers.

It should be clear from the previous discussion that there are some definite differences between the two education systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Western education encourages people to follow their true interests, producing a broad range of skills and areas of expertise. Eastern education, on the other hand, discourages the pursuit of learning that has no strictly practical purpose, such as visual and performing arts. Eastern education, however, is an efficient way of training people to perform tasks that require quick and precise thinking.

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