Double Blind Study Assignment

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So the groups were compared as being as general as “human V human”, which a very random selection is indeed. We suspect that this method being repeated would result in ongoing different outcomes Double blind refers to (generally) human trials where neither the scientists nor the participants know who belongs to which group until the end I. E. In this instance, participants would not know if they were taking a placebo or an actual Vitamin C pill and scientists would not know who belonged to either group.

This lessens the preconceptions, and also means that participants are not influenced by what they “think” they are taking. As a team, we don’t believe that there is any evidence here, either way, to how that it would be a good or bad thing to take Vitamin C in the winter. Note: not from general research, but based solely on the circumstances as described here. Study Two Study two was a controlled study. Every facet of the study was controlled to the fullest capability. All the people studied were put in a house for two weeks.

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Ten people received a placebo and 10 a supplement containing 1 ,OMG of vitamin C. All the subjects were monitored by a physician. The fact that the people were both put in similar controlled environments and that a doctor could study made it a controlled study. Based on the study, there is no indication that a person will be able to prevent a cold. By taking the vitamin C, the study group found that a person could take the supplement that resulted in a milder cold that disappeared rapidly.

There was no real evidence that taking the vitamin C works so there is no point to take it to prevent a winter cold. Consumption In order to consume 1 ,OHO MGM, he would have to eat plenty of greens leafy vegetables to be able to consume the amount of vitamin C that he needs each day. Leafy greens such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and collard Renee. The best way for him to get the needed nutrients from them would be to either eat them raw Or steam them by using only a small amount Of water to maximize the amount of vitamins the vegetables retain.

We think that it is possible and practical for Max to be able to consume this each day. As long he makes sure that he has plenty of vegetables and fruit in his diet it will be no problem for him to do it. When he have a salad he could have spinach leaves instead of lettuce because spinach is a better source of vitamin C when it is eaten raw and make sure that he add some red and Rene bell peppers and tomatoes to add more vitamin C. Team Assessment Our team is very comfortable with this learning exercise for this week.

Although Vitamin C is not a preventative method for colds, we feel that it is still important because they help keep parts of your body healthy. Vitamin C helps muscles, bones, and blood vessels which are all important to a healthy body. As far as planning and working on team assignments, we need to work on the planning portion. We are good on coming together to get work done but we must plan and distribute work better to complete the assignment with a better efficiency.

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