Do You Think Attitudes Influence Job Performance? Assignment

Do You Think Attitudes Influence Job Performance? Assignment Words: 550

North South University Assignment prepared for: Jasim Uddin (JDN) MGT321: Oraganizational behavior. Assignment prepared by:Kamrul Hasan ID:0930875030 Date:03/10/2011 Do you think attitudes influence job performance? Justify your arguments logically using evidence. The obvious straight forward answer to this question is yes. Yes, attitudes influences job performance very much. The attitude of the employee affects job performance. When employees arrive at work, they bring with them their moods, their emotions, their opinions and their problems at home or with life in general.

Since employees may have the need to cooperate with each other to get the work done, their attitude will have great influence on productivity, their relationships with each other and productivity on the job. It is like when an employee has a good attitude about a job, the whole chore just flows so easily leading them to think that the work is so smooth, easy and hassle free; which at the end of the day eventually holds a huge positive impact on their performance at the workplace.

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But, here is the opposite scenario, when an employee has a bad attitude about a job, he or she will realize either incidentally or coincidentally everything about the work gets wrong, even the silly things which should not be a problem turns out to be huge mistakes. Now let’s go back to the core question WHAT IS AN ATTITUDE? The absolute basic meaning suggests that an attitude is a way of feeling either favorable or non favorable towards a person, thing work or situation.

According to Peter Marr author of ‘psychology at work’ Attitudes are usually viewed as evaluative tendencies (favorable or unfavorable) towards a person ,thing, event or process. An attitude towards a particular object is thus a bias, predisposing a person towards evaluative responses that are positive or negative. A favorable feeling means liking for anything where as non favorable feeling means disliking for the stuff. This liking and disliking reflects the attitudes which is positive or negative respectively, which actually shows at the point of action after which a good r bad outcome is achieved due to the attitudes. For example, I love playing the game of cricket, my affection and fondness for the game mirrors my impression i. e. good attitude about the nice game. While on the field where there is a great chance of both the team to win or loose my positive attitude towards cricket will lead me to push forward my activities in a manner such that every thing should get perfect and smooth bowling, fielding, batting the whole process will result an outcome which will show the best performance from me.

This performance is not there because playing cricket is thing which I have to do, but because playing cricket is a thing which I love to do hence holding a good attitude about the game. “Attitude is everything. ” You hear that line all the time. In the work place, attitude and job performance often go hand-in-hand. When someone has a bad attitude, the following terms come to mind: sullen, uncooperative, rude, ungrateful, resistant–the list could go on forever. Someone with a good attitude is a person who “goes the extra mile. ” He/she. does it with a grin and always asks for more.

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