Dialogue For Oral Assignment

Dialogue For Oral Assignment Words: 450

He also talks to all women he met anywhere no matter he knows or not. Yola : Oh, I see. So, what is the problem? Amaleena : have misunderstood him at the first time I saw him. I told my friends that he is a playboy for what I saw about him but it was just my own impression. After a semester passed, I saw he did like thatto a men, too. When I saw him did like that to man, I realized that he was actually not that type of person. He was actually a kind of friendly person. Yola : Really? You did that? You told your friends and you have spread a false rumour and that is not fair to that person.

He became a victim because of your own impression. Amaleena : I know, my bad. I should not do that at the first place. should know him better before I judge his attitude so that I would not misunderstood him. Yola Amaleena, did you ever heard some says like “faces we see, hearts we don’t knoW’ or “don’t judge a book by its cove’? Amaleena : Yes, I did. Yola : By referring about the says that I have just said, we should not have that kind of thinking. Mostly, people do what you just did to your classmate. It was obvious.

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Do you know what is the effect of doing that? Amaleena : Yes, I know. I was wrong and it was my fault. I feel really guilty. Yola : The first mistake that you did, you have misunderstood his friendly attitude that makes you think that he was a playboy. Second, you told your friends about that without any evidence. You might be sued by spreading a false rumour. Amaleena : So, what should I do? Yola : You should ask for forgiveness from him and tell the truth to your friends. In the future, don’t do the same mistake because it can cause a slander happens.

For your information, when it comes to a slander, it can ause a big trouble and you are the one who should be blamed. Amaleena : Okay, I understand. I should not do that. I really regret for what have done. Yola : This is a lesson for you in order to not repeat the same mistake. Amaleena : Yes, I won’t do that anymore. Thank you for giving me a good advice. Yola : It’s okay, my pleasure. That is what friends for. Amaleena, where are you going after this? Amaleena : am going to library to find some sources for my assignment. How about you? Yola : Same with me. Shall we go together? Amaleena : Sure, let’s go!

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