Designing a Reward System Assignment

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A good manager or superior will implement a reward system. Employee reward systems are used to assist and help motivate the employees, with the goal not to just meet expectations, but to surpass them performing at their best capabilities. The reward system that goes into place should include all benefits monetary and non- monetary that proves to be worth something valuable to the employee. Implementing a reward system for a human service organization will make sure that basic needs are met, benefits are equally distributed, competitive benefits are offered, and employees are treated as individuals.

I will include intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in my system. When you have a suitable reward system in place it will ensure that an organizations Investment in its employees Is managed effectively. Organizations that do not match or are not as productive as their competitors will have problems attracting and keeping the most valuable workers. I will do everything I can wealth my organization to keep my employees happy to uphold a respectable working environment to reach our goals. Obviously, taking care of our clients by providing hem the greatest possible service is our number one goal.

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Acknowledgment and gratitude are very important constituents of a successful reward system. Reward systems have a significant result on the quality of life of the employees working within the organization. Recognition means to identify and show appreciation for someone’s detailed accomplishment. Having gratitude and displaying appreciation to an employee for their work goes a long way when concerning the performance of an employee. Several employees need to know that they are appreciated and their hard work will not go Ignored.

I believe several employees would work even harder for their employer If they know that their hard work will be appreciated, and they get rewarded for It. The procedures of determining what aspects of the work should be monitored and rewarded are monitoring, planning, developing, rewarding, and rating. To have an operative organization, the essential work should be planned out in advance. Setting goals and expectations to meet the organization’s goals, is a part of the planning technique. I will include the employees in the planning process so they can comprehend what will to be expected from them within the organization.

I will screen projects and assignments so I will recognize what areas will require improvement. I will give regular feedback on the employees’ progress as well as their performance. I have confidence that by providing feedback will assist employees In predetermined standards while directing them away from problematic standards. Observing and staying on top of employees’ performance will help keep unacceptable performance limited. I will Increase employees’ skills wealth the organization by providing them with workshops and seminars to enhance their knowledge. I will ensure basic needs are met by determining the cost of living for my employees.

I will food, shelter, and clothes. Having Job security is also a need; the employee should feel a sense of security within the workplace, knowing that their presence is a vital asset to the organization. Competitive benefits will be offered such as vacation packages, bonuses, sick leave, holiday pay, insurance packages, and even retirement. Having these benefits will push the employees to work at their fullest potential, and work even harder to show their manager or superior that they are a valuable asset to he organization, and that they have the capability to advance.

The nine factors would should implement are respect for me as a person, large amount of freedom on the Job, being told by the boss when I do a good Job, opportunity for self- development and improvement, opportunity to do interesting work, feeling my Job is important, chance for promotion, good pay, and chance to turn out quality work. All the factors mentioned are necessary to be implemented into the reward system. In order to get respect you must give it, as a manager if you give respect to your employees it will make them give it in return making them see how valuable they are, and making them work even harder.

Having a large amount of freedom will ensure the employee opportunity for self-development and improvement. Pay attention and listen to the ideas of the employees, and this is because they are those that usually work the closet with the client one on one. When the boss expresses that an employee is doing a good Job, it will boost the employee to be more confident and allow them to excel in their position, this will also happen when good pay is involved. In order to accomplish good pay, raises should be considered during certain times of the year based on the employee’s performance, and a review should be in place as well.

It is important to give employees the chance to produce quality work. Give the employee a chance instead of setting them up for disappointment. It would not be such a good idea to elect a mission for an employee that you know would be beyond possible for them to complete successfully. This could make the employee feel inadequate. Contemplate advancements; everyone should have a chance to prove their capabilities allowing them to move up the ladder at some point. The bottom line is that implemented these factors into the reward system it will enhance your employees to work harder and maintain a happy, healthy working environment.

Ultimately, designing a reward system will give everyone in the organization benefits. The manager and superior will be happy and less stressed. The employees will be happy and grateful that they have incentives, benefit packages, and manager who value them as an employee. In the end, the clients who are the most important in the human service organization will also be content knowing that their case worker is dedicated to their Job. After all that is why we have this career in the first place.

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