Demographics and Micro Environment Assignment

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In this assignment, have clearly looks into every factor in macro and micro environment for each product. I hope that from this I become clearer about the company operation and how macro and micro environment affect that company. Habit Jewels Micro environment The micro environment is the internal factor of company that have direct impact on the company strategy. The micro environment for Habit Jewels includes: a) Customer. Habit Jewels has promise their customer for their satisfaction. They are offering finest material and gemstones for customer. The quality of product is the best since Habit has established over 50 years.

They are offering customer with the best quality of raw material in order to create world class jewelry at honest and fair price. B) Supplier. Only the finest material will be chosen to turn into product. That is the reason why only the certificate supplier able to supply their material to Habit Jewels. Habit also looking all over the world for the material. The best value of material will able to come out perfect and precious in every piece of product like chains, bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces, tiara and other accessories. Habit Jewels also has a great number of labors.

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They are the best craftsman hat responsible for jewels making. The craftsman has experience in this field so that they can produce perfect jewels. The designer make sure each of Habit pieces is inspired by Malaysian culture, which means creating jewelry that is unique in identity but global in outlook. C) Competitors. Just like the other sector and company, Habit also has its own competitor. As a Malaysian company, they are trying to export their product in international market. The competition even bigger with the other company from all over the world. In Malaysia, there are also a lot of competitors that we can see.

Each of them has a big name in jewelry industry. They are Top Competitors * Ample Million Gold &Jewelry Sad Bad * Tees SSI Lune Jewelry (International) Limited * Yukon Corporation Bertha * Pooh Kong Holdings Bertha Habit has advantages where their product has been accepted by various people. Its designs were a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Indian elements. This was why they appealed to a wide cross section of people. People also seeks for the simple and nice jewels just like what Habit’s offered. Being over 50 years in market also bonus for Habit’s to be accepted by customer. D) Marketing interned Tate

A market intermediate of the company is important in order to ensure the product delivered to customer in a good way. A market where transferred products or services are sold in its present form to outside customers. Marketing department ensure the promotion of product so that customer know about it very well. At the same time, this department will do some survey which can improve performance of the product in future. Macro environment Macro environment is less controllable compare to micro environment. We can consider demographic, economic, natural, technology, political and cultural as macro environment factors. ) Political Malaysia government give fully support for this industry to develop. For Habit’s they have never faced political issues regarding their production and marketing. B) Economic Malaysian economic has improved trough years. This help jewels industry to develop too. The improvement in economic helps Habit’s in marketing their product. Their aim is to attract customer from every level especially from career woman. Because they see this group of customer want to be more elegant with elegant design of jewelry like what Habit’s offered. These groups of customer are affordable to have Habit’s product as their collection. ) Tech oenology Habit’s only use great machine on creating their product. At the same time, they also make sure that their machine able to produce high quality of jewel at the specific time. Because of the high demand, they want to maintain the quality of their product. So that, customer satisfaction guaranteed. The challengers not only about the technology itself but also in term of Research and Designed where this department is responsible for future design of jewels. They also responsible for customer feedback, either fully satisfied with the product or not.

Libraries a) Customer Libraries is a feminine hygiene products and for woman use. For Libraries, the relationship with young women is a vital competitive factor. In forums created for dialogues with the target group it was seen that many young women have a deep interest in design which inspired to develop the towel concept Libraries Design Edition Customer target market for Libraries is for teenagers and young adult. But it does not mean that this product not for adult, because of the characteristic of the product itself is suitable for any range of ages. Usually customers choose this product because of the advertisement itself.

It is because through advertisement customer know about the product, eke Libraries because is still new in Malaysia market compare to international market. B) Company Libraries is an international brand of feminine hygiene products owned by Seven’s Cellulose Astrologer (SAC), a Swedish pulp and paper manufacturer and consumer goods company. The Company first appeared in sass with the first crepe paper towel called Impose. Libraries are well established on Russian market. SAC has about 50000 employees in some 50 countries and one of them is Malaysia.

Regarding factors that related to the organizational itself, Libraries state that international experience effect the advertisement. In UK, SAC has some problem regarding brand Libraries where it has some problem with their language. But SAC has emphasize that Libraries is designed for woman use, not have any factor than that. Consequently, experience helps optimize advertising and affect how and what Libraries adapt. Moreover, the company objective has a great influence on the decision. C) Competitors Libraries is a product name under SAC It is international product well known in market.

In Malaysia, there are many competitors for Libraries. Libraries competitors: * Cote ;k SOW * Carefree * Intimate For Libraries, their competitors are useful to indicate the accepting of this reduce is Malaysia. So that, they know what they should do in order to compete with the competitors. Libraries has it own advantage because the product is well known among teenagers girl. Because of the design of the product itself is creative and simple give attraction to customers. Macro a) Cultural. Cultural different usually take place in advertising.

Because of the product design is same, only for marketing it has to be different Culture for every country is different, so they need to sensitive about each country culture for promotion of the product. In Malaysia for example, Libraries has singer Yuan ND Dhabi Nor as the ambassador. Both of them show carrying different task for promotion. As for Yuan, she shows that active girl should not be worry when period. They can do any activities freely. For Dhabi Nor, she shows more about working adult. This is prove that Libraries not only for teenage girl or young adult but suitable for ant ages. ) Economic In term of economic, it can be divide into several points. First point is regarding personal consumption. Libraries has offer lower price so that every woman affordable to buy it. Thus, customer becomes more interested on buying Libraries. Second point is about value marketing, where Libraries itself comes with various types but still in affordable price. These show how much Libraries control their product in market. Lastly is about income distribution where everyone comes with different level of income. Libraries concern about this and try to monitor carefully economic changes IS Malaysia.

So that, they will come out with new plan to maintain their product in market. C) Natural The natural environment involves natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities. Recently, people more concern about environment. Libraries comes out with environmental friendly products which gives an advantage because costumer likes it. From the perspective of nature, SAC is very straight about it. Their resource and product is design for free pollution. D) Demographic Demography is the study of human populations in terms of size, density, location, age, sex, race, occupation, and other statistics.

It is of major interest to marketers because it involves people and people make up markets. Demographic trends are constantly changing. As for SAC they first establish in Sweden, but develop and becomes a big name in industry. This gives them n opportunity to penetrate in other countries market. Malaysia is one of them. But, different country has different demographic structure. Malaysia for example, their population not as much as in United Kingdom which their market structure is greater than ours.

Fair & Lovely a) Company Fair & Lovely a skin whitening cream, marketed by Milliner in many countries in Asia and Africa, and, in particular, India by Hindustan Lever Limited (HILL), the Indian subsidiary of Milliner. Fair & Lovely is indeed doing well, it is one of the more profitable and faster growing brands in Milliner and Hall’s portfolios. The Fair ; Lovely has a vision to give an opportunity to as many women as they can to realism their dreams. Since 1993, we have Fair ; Lovely in our local market. Market penetration seem to improve because of some demographic changes. ) Customer For customer, Fair ; Lovely has both ganders, male and female. Because of the product itself is designed for both gender. So, there is no more complaining about personal care which bias toward one gender only. C) public A public is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. Generally public can be classified in form of media public. Where the media is responsible to spread of the advantages of Fair & Lovely to customer. The media is also responsible for recommend latest information about this product.

Through the media, consumers will feel more close to the product. Where customer finally understand about the product through the media. D) Competitor Fair & Lovely is an international product which has a lot of competitors. The competitors has own advantages and disadvantages where Fair & Lovely has take it as a normal challenge for them. Competitors: * Grainier * Lola * Ponds Macro environment a) Cultural The cultural environment is made up of institutions and other forces that affect society basic values, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors.

Certain cultural characteristics can affect marketing decision-making. Fair & Lovely was accepted by most people. Core believe in Fair & Lovely is come from the past generation. Customer found that this product suitable and satisfy their needs. While the secondary believes and values are more often to change. The first one is about the people views of themselves. How they see themselves, is there anything they need to change about homeless. More likely something that related to their self esteem. Because of Fair & Lovely is the fairness product design to fulfill their need.

Then is the people view of others where people see the other people as the subject. For example, Tina sees Reeks as the subject where Reeks is one of the users of Fair & Lovely who achieve her dream. At the same time, Tina sees the product help improving her life more than her beauty because of her self esteem. B) Technology As for HULL, this company has incorporates latest technology in all its operations. The Hindustan Milliner Research Centre (HIJACK) was set up in 958, and now has facilities in Iambi and Bangor.

HIJACK and the Global Technology Centre in India have over 200 highly qualified scientists and technologists, many with post-doctoral experience acquired in the US and Britain. While it same in Malaysia where we still under Milliner main company. C) Political Malaysia government has no problem with Milliner product. So, Fair & evolve free to bi in market as long as follow term and conditions which set by Malaysia government. Government also develop public policy to guide every company in market their product. HULL and Malaysia Milliner also more encore about scandals have increased concern about ethics and social responsibility.

Sorrel’s a) Marketing intermediaries Marketing intermediaries are firms that help the company to promote, sell, and distribute its goods to final buyers. Resellers are distribution channel firms that help the company find customers or make sales to them. For Corded[‘s, main company is in Singapore. In Malaysia we have Camembert (M) Sad Bad that has the right on marketing Sorrel’s products. Camembert markets popular health and personal care brands like Sorrel’s, Sorrel’s Kids, Javanese, Bio Oil, and Natural_fife. Physical distribution firms help the company to stock ND move goods from their points of origin to their destinations.

Camembert act as Sorrel’s warehouse where all the product are stored well before being distribute to over 1 500 outlets comprising chain pharmacies, personal care stores, independent pharmacies, health food stores and hypermarkets. B) Customer Markets of customer include of consumer markets, business markets and reseller markets. Consumer market is about individuals and households that buy goods and services for personal consumption. Sorrel’s been choose by customer because of the product itself. Next is business markets which buy odds and services for further processing. This is for Sorrel’s main company which is located in Singapore.

Lastly is about reseller markets which the company buy goods and services in order to resell them at a profit. This is for Camembert where it becomes main distributed for Sorrel’s products. C) Competitors Every company faces a wide range of competitors. For Sorrel’s the competitors come from the same industry which is health supplements industry and dietary supplement industry. Competitors: * Neutralize * Blackmore * Shine * Naturally Sorrel’s has an advantage in term of pricing. At Sorrel’s, they are dedicated to roving affordable natural health supplements for a lifetime of good health for their consumers. ) Demographic Demographic changes affect demand of Sorrel’s. Increase in population often leads to an increase in demand, and a decrease in population often leads to a decrease in demand. Number of population is usually used to identify the size of the market. But it is not totally true. Since, the demand needs purchasing power, not only number of persons. As for Sorrel’s demand for the product continue increase through the years. Being in market for past 50 years become a bonus for Sorrel’s to be first choice for customer.

Sorrel’s choose Malaysia to become one of the market place because they know that Malaysia able to attract customer in large area. B) Cultural In term of cultural environment for Sorrel’s, we can see in the people views of society. Because certain people are picky to choose which country they buy product form. For example is Muslim because of certain sensitive issues that arise. Sorrel’s is from Singapore where located near Malaysia and of course people know that country. So, they are more confident to buy Sorrel’s products. Other than that is people view toward organization where people sees Sorrel’s as a company that can be trusted.

Pos Malaysia Bertha Pos Malaysia Bertha is the exclusive provider of mail services in Malaysia. With more than 1 75 years of existence in the country, its vast experience forms a strong backbone, supporting the massive restructuring it underwent when it became a corporate entity in 1992. In 2003 Pos Malaysia Bertha restructured its entire operation unit into three Strategic Business Units. Determine to be more focused on its various customers and marketplace. Now Pos Malaysia consists of Oppose, Postal’s and Opposing. Where the various services is designed to meet the customer demands because of the changes in population.

Besides that, there is also Expresses which is a subsidiary of Pos Malaysia Bertha, a public listed company on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. B) Customer Customer for Pos Malaysia consists of various customer markets. Start with consumer, business, government and international markets. Customers expect high service quality at the most competitive prices and as a Government-linked company providing universal postal services, Pos Malaysia continues providing public service at affordable prices. That is why now Pos Malaysia Bertha has three different strategic business units, to meet customer desire.

Like every business, Pos Malaysia is adapting to the Internet and changes in consumer behavior. CM Marketing Sad Bad, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chemical Company of Malaysia Bertha (CM) and Pos Malaysia Bertha have signed a strategic agreement to enable CM to promote and market its products through Mbps online transaction portal. The Scam’s products are listed under the Opposing shop. Macro environment a) Technology. Pos Malaysia has embarked on several initiatives to achieve greater operational efficiency, in line with its mail modernization plan. Some of the efforts include updating its Address Management System database.

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