Customer Service, Mystery Shopping Assignment

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Shopping assignment, I have decided to observe the customer service provided by Sport Check located at Erin Mills Town Center, Misgauging. Vive entered the store as a customer looking to buy boxing wraps for his next boxing training, at the time of my entry there was a medium number of customers, and the customer movement at the store can be described as normal. Also there was a good number of sales associates helping out customers and walking through the store.

After few seconds of my entry I was welcomed by a sales member that goes by the name of Matt and asked me how he can be such of help. Throughout the conversation with him I was easily able to tell that he had a well-known knowledge about the goods that Sport Check offered and walked me to the boxing section with a smile and motivation to sell. Afterwards, Matt showed me the products available at the store even though they were limited; Matt pointed out the best products and elaborated why regarding their quality and price.

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Even though I didn’t see the product that I was looking for, Matt went to the floor manager and asked if I can find it on their online store, which was offered through their website and can be delivered to the required store or even to your own home which I thought it was remarkable. He asked if there is any help further, I thanked him and took a quick tour around the store to see how other customers are being treated. I was extremely satisfied when I saw that most customers where being assisted, moreover some staff members were able to assist two customers at the same time after excusing from them to help the other customer.

I barely saw any alone individuals walking in the store, and the ones who were alone, are the ones who asked to be left alone because they were simply just taking a look. Upon my exit I asked checkout clerk about Sport Chews return policy which she explained that the purchased goods can be returned to any Sport Check Canada wide within 60 days of the purchase as long as the tags are still on them as well as the receipt is there.

She also wrote me the link to their online help ask, which explains the policy in detail. Vive checked the link before leaving the store and it was explained in details(RETURN WITH A RECEIPT, RETURN WITH A GIFT RECEIPT, RETURN WITHOUT A RECEIPT, MULTIPLE ITEM DISCOUNT RETURNS & “FREE ITEM” WITH PURCHASE RETURNS, WARRANTY RETURNS And PRICE MATCHING), I thanked her kindly and left the store. I have spent almost 20 minutes at the store and let Walt very professional Ana stagnantly Impression auto tenet service.

Recommendations: Even though I was provided with a great service, I have noticed that the staffs are eloping customers throughout the store, which in my belief is wrong. When Sport Check hires its’ employees they should be segregated and assigned to one section only, and also be given a training about the section that they are serving for a better result when asked about a certain good, for example two sales associates should be assigned to the hockey section or two to the soccer section, such method improves the sales level as well as the service satisfaction that a customer gains.

Another recommendation that have crossed my thinking is; after each purchase or even an assistant, a small quick survey should be given to the customer to evaluate the service provided by the staff or to leave a comment because at the branch that I have visited there was no complaint or comment box. The surveys then should be reviewed by the store manager. An additional recommendation would be giving customers a motive to come back to their store and by that I mean providing a future discount on their next purchase or even throwing a coupon, people love to get more than they thought they were getting.

An extra step towards improvement would be asking the customers e-mail or cellophane when they exit the store, for future deals, updates, merchandise or even feedback. A last and important recommendation that I think is really important is for the store manager to be more visible, because for the 20 minutes that I was there, there was no manager on the floor, he was in the back sitting at his desk, such recommendation I think helps the manager to monitor and hear how the customers are being treated and also to make sure everything is going As for my experience at Sport Check I was tremendously satisfied and enthralled at he same time.

Even though customer service plays a major role in the sales transaction, such service cannot be found at many retail stores. It also made me share my story with my friends and family which in the future it will help in referring customers to Sport Check instead of repelling them away like most stores, it also helped me to learn the more you know how to treat your customers the more respect and sales gained. I have indeed learned more stuff about customer service and their behavior towards the service provided throughout this experience.

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