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Critically evaluate Evolutionary Psychology theory as an explanation for sex differences in sexual j*ealousy. Discuss evidence for and against this explanation The subsequent part of this essay will now focus on the evidence against the theory of Evolutionary Psychology and will look at arguments in contradiction of this. The topic this essay will focus on in the argument against Darwin’s evolutionary psychology theory as an explanation for sex differences within sexual jealousy is Social Psychology. The social structural theory states that the critical cause of sex differences is social structure. Because men and women tend to have different social roles, they become psychologically different to adjust to their social roles” (Eagly & Wood, 1999). “Social structural theory views sex differences as built-in tendencies to attempt to accommodate assignment to social roles” (Eagly & Wood, 1999).

This has identified why women would choose high status partners in favour of good genes to reproduce but we will now use social psychology to look at sexual jealousy. When one gets jealous, it makes them want to defend and keep the love in the relationship alive. The fear that is also felt is the apprehension that one may lose their partner to another. Sexual jealousy can be different for both sexes as it is usually prompted by different situations.

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For examples, males would feel jealous if their partner had been sexually unfaithful as it would jeopardize the paternity of their offspring, whereas, females have the reassurance that if their partner was unfaithful, they would still be a parent to their offspring without any doubt. However, if the male was unfaithful in the relationship and there was a risk of him finding himself another partner, this would cause jealousy in the female as her support and guidance would be jeopardized and would leave any offspring of theirs without a father.

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