Critical Thinking Assignment

Critical Thinking Assignment Words: 315

Assignment Medical assistants use a lot of critical thinking in their careers. They have to ask a lot of questions to get information for the doctors recorded, have confidence, maintain a high level of organization, and make quick decisions. They have to us these to make decisions for the doctor, or any other person they deal with. Paralegals would use all core critical thinking skills. They have to help lawyers prepare for their cases. They need to evaluate information such as laws, legal decisions, and legal articles to come up with specific information that will prove a clients case.

Teachers would use problem solving and reasoning with the kids when things got out of hand or any other problem. They also need to have confidence, be organized, and make quick decisions when it comes to the kids. Private investigators use critical thinking by logic and reasoning based on bits and pieces of information they get. They also do research to help them come to conclusions to the problem they are trying to solve. Chefs use critical thinking by making sure they are organized, decision making, and problem solving. They have to analyze a lot of the things they will use or the people they are going to work for.

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Critical thinking for athletes would be that they us good thinking because if they go out not thinking correctly they could get hurt. They need to stay focus, organized and have alternative solutions. Computer programmers would use all core critical thinking skills. They have to do a lot of problem solving, decision making, planning, organized, and use their memory a lot. Landscapers us critical thinking in their everyday work schedule. They have to be organized, confident in what they do. They also have to integrate technical skills, and have alternative solutions if things don’t turn out right.

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