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Your completed assignment must be submitted through the Canvas assignment portal by the beginning of your class time on the due date specified on your class schedule. [15 total points] A. Take the Health Assessment Survey posted on Canvas. Fill in your category scores in the table below. (Do NOT submit your entire survey; only the scores! [1 point] Categories of Wellness Ideal Score Your Score Physical Health Intellectual Health 32 Emotional Health 31 Social Health 35 Spiritual Health Environmental Health 28 B. The Health Assessment Survey allows you to assess your own health-related behaviors. At the bottom of the Health Assessment Survey you will find an interpretation of each of your category scores. Do you feel your survey scores accurately reflect your overall health and wellness status?

Why or why not? (Minimum of 50 words) [1 point] I think it reflected my overall health and wellness status pretty accurately. I definitely felt my spiritual and environmental health could be improved, so the interpretations at the bottom explained ways to better my understanding. My physical, Intellectual, and emotional wellness scores were pretty good, but the interpretations, again, said there was room for improvement that I can take a look at. C.

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After reviewing all of your scores, identify 2 of your lower-scoring categories of wellness and describe how you might work toward improving your scores in these dimensions throughout the semester. (Minimum of 100 words) [1. 5 points] My two lower-scores were spiritual and environmental health, which I notes, and reading the textbook will further my understanding, but also by using my passports for the assignment in this course, I can take classes or participate in parietal and environmental activities available on the campus for students.

I have seen information sessions for recycling and other environmental strategies advertised on campus for students to become more informed, so attending one of the sessions with some friends or my roommate will help my understanding, but also, spread the knowledge with my peers. D. Select one of the following health behaviors as the target behavior you would like to work to improve this semester and answer the questions related to your behavior change plan. Do not leave any question blank. HEALTH BEHAVIORS:

Get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night Engage in at least 1 50 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity a week Engage in muscle-strengthening activities that work all major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week Eat a variety of foods each day, including 7 or more servings of fruits and vegetables Limit the amount of total fat and saturated and trans fats in my daily diet Limit the amount of salt and added sugar I eat each day Reduce my consumption of beverages that are high in sugar and caffeine Limit my institution of alcoholic beverages to one or two drinks per social event Reduce or eliminate tobacco use (any form) Manage my time more efficiently each week Improve my stress management skills and utilize effective methods each week 1. My target behavior change will be: [. Point] My target behavior will be to reduce my consumption of beverages high in caffeine and sugar. 2. Three benefits I expect to gain from practicing this health behavior. [3 points] a. Reducing my intake of caffeine can reduce my probability of having high blood pressure b. I will be forced to drink more water, which is better for the body c. Less likely to face anxiety 3. Three barriers or obstacles I may face in adopting this behavior. Points] a. Headaches caused by eliminating caffeine abruptly b. Exhaustion c. Irritability 4. Three strategies I will use to overcome the barriers or obstacles listed in question [3 points] a. Begin to eliminate caffeine by reducing my caffeine intake a #3. Title bit more each day to decrease the risk of headaches b. Exercise more as a way to keep myself awake and energize c. Pick up a activity on campus to distract me from caffeine cravings so I won’t be as irritable [1 point] My goal is to be able to go through the day with half as much caffeine intake as I do 6. By the end of the semester I will expect to have this specific, measurable goal: My goal for the end of the semester is to go through the day without a single intake of caffeine. Please note that you MUST have submitted a Pre Health Assessment and Behavior Change Assignment in order to be eligible to submit the Post Health Assessment Assignment later in the semester!

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