Contemporary Management Approaches and Their Environments Assignment

Contemporary Management Approaches and Their Environments Assignment Words: 601

Contemporary Management Approaches and Their Environments In the following paper, will be describing how the four contemporary approaches to management are different from one another. Will also be describing open systems and the types of environments these systems exist under. The last part of the assignment is to interrelate the two and explain why or why not. The four contemporary approaches to management theory include the following: the esoterically systems theory, the quantitative management theory, organizational behavior, and the systems theory. First, let’s begin with beefing the esoterically systems theory.

The esoterically systems theory is an approach to job design that attempts to redesign tasks to optimize operation Of a new tech oenology while preserving employees’ interpersonal relationships and other human aspects of the work. The quantitative management theory emphasizes the application of quantitative analysis to managerial decisions and problems. Organizational behavior is an approach that studies and identifies management activities that promote employee effectiveness by examining the complex and dynamic nature of individual, roof and organizational processes.

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Finally, the last approach the systems theory, states that an organization is a managed system that changes inputs into outputs. Inputs can be described as the goods and services businesses take into use and create products or services. Outputs are the resulting product or service that the business creates from the inputs. The second part of this assignment was to define and explain an “open system. ” All businesses are going to be open systems. Open systems are organizations that are affected by, and that affect, their environment.

Open systems take in inputs in the forms of goods and services and these inputs are used to create a product or a service. Some common examples of inputs include raw materials, equipment, capital, information, and services. The resulting product or service the system makes is referred to as the output. Outputs are in constant interaction with the firm’s environment. Some common examples of outputs include products, such as cars, furniture, and computers, or services, such as accountants, medical services, and insurance providers.

The internal environment of the company can be defined as all internal forces inside an organization such as the mangers, employees, and resources. The external environment includes all relevant forces outside of the businesses boundaries. Common examples of external environment forces include competitors, customers, the government, and the economy. The micromanagement is best described as the general environment; it includes governments, economic conditions, and other fundamental factors that generally affect all organizations.

The final part of this assignment was to indicate whether the four contemporary approaches to management are relevant in the three environments I described in the last paragraph, and why or why not. Let’s take a look at the first contemporary approach to management. The esoterically systems theory is present by far in the internal environment, since it focuses primarily on employees’ interpersonal relationships, thus impacting the external environment. The second approach, quantitative management, is relative to the external external environment and micromanagement.

It can be useful during forecasting equines trends and analysis of the markets. Organization behavior is relative in both the internal and external environment. The last approach, the systems theory, concerns all three of these environments since all of these environments can be expressed relating back to inputs and outputs. The following paper describes how the different business environments can be related the four contemporary approaches to management. In closing, the systems theory, seems to be the best since it accurately addresses the internal, external, and micromanagement.

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